Indoor Garden Play for Counting Bugs

Monday, May 22, 2017

Vito is 42 months old.
So we are seeing a lot of bugs lately.  Vito is enjoying it!  We do nature walks in the morning to see the honeybees, flies and unidentified flying objects in the field. And we even caught the wasp that went inside the house last week for exploration.  Lately, we would walk our way to Mavi’s school to pick him up.  During these walks, we would count the number of bugs we see in the bushes and trees.  Vito enjoyed it and I thought that we could also do it at home as an extension.  So I made this “garden” setup for him, wherein we will pretend to catch bugs with our tweezers and place the right number in our number cards. 

This is really very simple.  I reused our synthetic grass from our Farm Unit and a few pieces from our Rainbow Grimms Stacker and place a number of bug counters (from Learning Resources) everywhere. 

These are old number cards I made ages ago, to which I can’t find the digital copy.  I made him use our craft tweezer, this is one of the tweezers he loves to use.
It was fun seeing him selecting the bugs to pick!  He loves the one on top of the rainbows.  So many skills in the works here, counting, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination ad concentration. 

DSC_4883I hope to come up with another variation, maybe using a different medium other than tweezers Open-mouthed smile
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