Montessori Weather 3 Part Cards

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Few weeks ago, I introduced Vito to some weather types because we were experiencing extreme weather conditions in one day.  I mentioned in my Instagram post that we even experienced hail during the early weeks of summer! Talking about the weather cards, here are the materials I prepared for him:  Weather Cards from my shop, Weather book from National Geographic and The Weather from My First Discovery book.  The booklet you see in the photo is from our Weather Cards set.  The books here are really good and we would read it mostly at night but sometimes Vito would remove them from basket and would skim them to check out the pictures or pretend to read it (mimicking my reading).

The first time I talked about the weather with Vito was here, the activity was very simple, but he learned a lot from this.  We are still using this chart up to now!


We didn’t have a 3 lesson period in this one, but instead we mostly talked about the weather and allowed him to describe it to me based on the pictures.  He recognized some of it like the rain, hail, snow (blizzard) and flood, the rest was new to him.  For now, I’m the one using the booklet since he can’t read yet.  The booklet was helpful in describing each of the weather types to him (no need to Google).


He would check from time to time if the current weather matched the ones in the cards LOL


After our discussion, he worked on the matching activity which he really loves to do. 


He works on this independently, telling me to stay-away while he do the work lol.  Here you see him talking to himself, saying “is this a match?” pointing to the control card and the picture card.


I love these Weather Cards! I made sure that the cards have high quality images so that the child using it can really appreciate the different weather conditions that we’re trying to teach them.


If you wanted to know more about this product, here’s the link to my TPT shop or you can click the image below.


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