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Activities for Toddlers (12-18 Months)

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

I’m often asked by my readers and fellow Moms for the activities suitable for certain ages.  So I decided to sum up Vito’s favourite activities since 12 months old.  First in the series, I’m sharing activities that Vito enjoyed when he was between 12-18 months old.   (Always supervise your child in each of these activities)

Activities for Toddlers (12-18 Months)

Toddler Beginnings 07

Saturday, March 28, 2015

** Contains affiliate links **Toddler Beiginnings 07

I can barely take photos of Vito doing activities these days as my hands are also too busy being involved with it.  So one technique that most blogger Moms do is to take photos ahead of their materials for presentation.  I’d like to borrow this technique, but I will try to do my best to take snap shots of Vito doing these activities in action since I still find it cute to post some photos of him LOL. 




j1 We’ve been using the Montessori Letter work for weeks now and Vito loves tracing the letters.  We’re also reading the Bible Stories (this was Mavi’s) for Lent.  The rest of our reading/language materials can be found here.j2

Because Easter is just around the corner, we’re doing a few Easter themed activities. This one is a colour matching activity. I got the pail from a local book store and the yellow mini baskets from Dunnes.  I am sure that there’s plenty of these at Amazon.


Another activity is the 1:1 correspondence. Vito loves transferring objects and I am sure he’s going to enjoy this one!


New activity this week is the building of blocks!  This is an old toy  and I got it out for Vito to use.  Vito is starting to enjoy stacking the blocks.  I torn between getting the pink tower and brown stairs or Melissa and Doug Unit Blocks.

                     DSC_0391 DSC_0400 J3


We love our Giotto Bebe finger paints! It has NO SMELL AT ALL and SO EASY TO WASH!  I came across this brand when we were staying in Belgrade and I fell in love with it instantly. Their finger paints are so creamy and Vito loves its vivid colours! And it is sooo easy to remove (and non toxic too!). 

                    DSC_0258 DSC_0265

And I let him use our  Do-a-Dot markers!  This is colouring a cross for Lent.  We’re taking a break from crayons and pens so I’m letting him use this stamp markers for variation.  This he has to practice stamping, not writing as he used to.  I have to demonstrate first what to do with it. We’ll be using this a little bit more for practice.



It has been sunny for the past weeks and we’re always outdoors! 

PicMonkey Collage 

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Toddler Beginnings 06

Monday, March 9, 2015

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h1 Aside from endlessly reading books, I added farm animal basket for him to explore as he is showing interest on them now (he just used to mouth them!).  You can get these animals from Amazon, Schleich, Symths Toys or Safari Toob.  Mine was from Amazon UK .  The picture book (Baby’s First) on the other hand was from Book Depository, and again you can get them from Amazon.  I love that these animals are big!  They are easily to grasp and play with.

I’ve seen these animals at Marks and Spencers as well, and you can get them from Hamley’s too.


                     DSC_0927 DSC_0929

DSC_0939 h2 I am making use of our Learning Resources Critters Counters from Amazon.  Since Vito loves putting small objects into small spaces, this is what I put up.  Oh don’t worry, that empty tub of Pringles is mine!


See how I placed the tub in the floor and the counters on the table? That’s for Vito to bend, good practice for gross motor skills ey?

                      DSC_0817 DSC_0809

Oh those tiny fingers!  He would complain whenever the counter will not fit.  Oh, they do fit sweetheart, you just have to push it a little bit harder LOL.  I’m showing him how to push it more… though at times he still couldn’t get the idea.


Scribbling, we do this mostly in the afternoon when I’m sitting down resting.  I got him this My First Crayola Jumbo Pens from Amazon. 


And this, Melissa and Doug jumbo puzzle from Amazon again (don’t well love Amazon).  He loves taking away all the animal pieces, and putting them in the basket LOL.

DSC_0963h3 Oh yes, don’t forget to check our St. Patricks’ Day activities!DSC_0820 (2) h5

No formal musical instruments here.  Just more on singing songs, dancing and making music with our body!


We were blessed with a beautiful weather last Sunday.  And you know me, I don’t love staying at home when Mr. Sun is out. So here we are… even if it is still a little bit cold.  Outdoor06

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Toddler Beginnings 03

Wednesday, January 21, 2015



Toddler activities for 2015! We’re starting the year with blue colour (although for 2015 the colour is green?)!.  For our reading, we have two books this week that we kept on reading every day (when big brother is not home so as NOT to be distracted).  Vito is starting to have longer attention span on books so we can read multiple books in one sitting these days.  What’s funny though is that I end up singing the Brown Bear book instead of reading it.



We’ve got loads of this! We started with scribbling.  While on vacation, I observed that Vito is becoming fond of scribbling.  So I took our all different kinds of writing materials in our doodle drawer for him to explore. You can see below, we have the Crayola Pip Squeaks, Do-a-Dot (with supervision as this is NOT water washable), Crayola Egg Crayon and this writing magnet which we got as a freebie at Emirates (he loves this!).


Observing the little one on how to use some of these materials, he always started writing using his left. I am not sure yet if this is a sign of being left handed, but I still encourage him to use his right.  See the upper-left picture? He also uses both hands!  It’s amazing that at his age he seems to know how to properly grip the pen LOL.writing-2 And of course, we still use the buttons… and he uses both hands alternatively.

                           DSC_0575 DSC_0590

And we started using the barrels.  I planned this for stacking activity but he likes using it for open and close activity.   His first attempt was the red barrel which is the smallest one.   DSC_0622 

Then he started to open the yellow which is a little bit bigger than the red.


When he got tired of opening and closing the barrels, I tried showing him how to stack the barrels and I caught him doing it as well :)  Nice try! DSC_0644 b3

For our artsy this week, we used his favourite toy as a medium for painting.


Creating car prints was fun! But he loved touching the paints using his finger much more. car


Much of our our music adventures are not seen here, because we listen to music and doing lots of action songs as well.  Occasionally, we use random materials to create music.  Seen below is a cookie tin can lid (drum) and sharpies which we use as a drum set.

DSC_0737-2 b5It is winter as of the moment, and the weather is negative outdoors so for the meantime, we are stuck at home and doing sensorial activities instead using natural materials LOL.  He was eating this banana for breakfast, but when he had enough, he started playing with them.  He squashed them!  Oh those fingers are so strong!  This is such a wonderful activity for those little fingers eh?

                       DSC_0747 DSC_0749

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