Dinosaur! Roar!

Friday, March 9, 2012

We’re doing dinosaurs this week.  And here’s a glimpse of what we did for Math-related units.

Graphing game using dinosaur eggs :)  He loved spinning the clip!



And he realized that they were not dinosaur eggs at all!  They’re chocolates! See his smile? Precious!


We also had pattern games.  Here he tries to copy the patterns in the control sheets.    The dinosaur printables were all downloaded from 2 Teaching Mamas.  They have wonderful resources for unit studies!  So helpful isn’t it?


  Then we also match our dinosaurs with some control cards I got from Jojoebi’s SiteDSC_1161


Oh and look forward to my post on how we excavate dinosaurs!  Coming soon :)

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  1. Jay these activities are great! And your boy is so cute! I saw your comment on my blog about the spring image and I wanted to let you know that if you want the templates I can sent them to you. If you want them e mail me (my mail is on my profile)!
    I've also seen your pinterest boards but I can't follow you I am not invited but I'm checking you out there too! I love the images you post! Thanks for including me as well!

  2. Hi Jae....thanks so much for stopping by my blog. The best part is that it made me to come and see your amazing blog full of lots of activities and ideas. It is great that my daughter is around your son age, too. (she's 43 months now). Love your dino unit and would love to see about excavation part. I wanted to try something like that with my daughter but I really was getting exhauted about the dino theme but I think she is not ready to leave it, yet. She just picked up 2 more Dino books at the library today...Oh well!...I will be checking your Pinterest, too...I love to pin! By the way, I love your son's face about the chocolate: Pricelees!

  3. This could be a fun article to use as a complement to a Dinosaur Unit. It investigates whether or not Jurassic Park could happen in real life!