Bird Study Part II

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sharing with you the conclusion of our Bird Study Unit which we started a last week. 

You can read about the first part here.

Activities related to our study can be found here and here.

Bird's Beak.  Now this is a new activity which we didn't touch last year.  It was way advance for a 3 yrs old but now that my son can grasp complex information, I decided to introduce this to him.  I got the picture from The Visual Dictionary, it shows some of the different sizes and shapes of a bird's beak.  Based on what we have learned from our Bird Parts Definition booklet (Bird Pack), the beak or bill is used mostly for grooming, protection and how birds catch and eat their food.  Some  are long so they can catch foods in the water, some are short because they mainly eat soft fruits and some can be sharp as they are used to hunt other birds and animals.

So we used our bird figures again to examine the different beaks.  These figures are from Safari Toob and Schleich... I have been collecting them for years as my son loves animals and they're learning materials.


Bird's Feet.  We also talked about the different shapes of a bird's foot.  They are designed to be different are birds live in different habitats. Like birds living in water have webbed feet for swimming, those living in trees have sharp claws etc.  Again, I printed out the picture seen below from here.


I also used this information in our discussion. You can get this from Science Buddies.


Next, we talked about different types of birds.  The picture cards (nomenclature cards) are included in my Bird Pack which you can get from here.  We talked about the unique features and characteristics of each.


This is how we differentiate each one (see picture below).  By using a printable bird facts, we were able to learn how each one differs from another. 


You can download this file for FREE from here.


I love how my son is eager to learn about these birds! 


Bird's Nest.  We were supposed to make a nest out of twigs and leaves in the backyard.   But it rained for days and I had a flu bug, so we ended up making some nest indoors LOL.   bird1


                DSC_0923 DSC_0925

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Weekend at the Park

Monday, May 27, 2013

We were blessed with a wonderful weather last weekend so we decided to visited a leisure park for rest and recreation :) 

First thing we did was of course visit the animals, as my son looooves animals!  We were so happy to see them all out in the open and were eager to entertain the kids.  I was glad that we get to see most of the birds from our Bird Study Unit I.  Rhea, Emu, Turkey, Chickens, Peacocks, Stork etc.  And surprisingly, there were lots of farm and zoo animals as well.




Oh and these are Bisons!! My first encounter with them.... such beautiful creatures!


When we're done with the animals, we proceeded to the activity  area the little boy to have some fun.  And look who's not scared of the Air Jump!


And the highlight of the trip was the pony ride :)  His teacher told me he can't stop talking about it in school LOL.


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Bird Watching!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Oh the weather is just so wonderful today that we decided to skip indoor activities (read our Bird Study Part I)  and do some bird watching and look for some bird's nests :)


And look what we found along the way, feathers! 


Hoping to visit the port this weekend so we can see some gulls too!

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Bird Study Part I

Monday, May 20, 2013

I wanted to share to you our Bird Study which we had last week.  We did this last year, but since my son is getting a bit older I added a few activities so he can understand birds a little bit deeper.
We matched birds using our Bird Cards and the our bird collections coming from Safari Toobs (Exotic Birds, Down Under, Penguin and Farm) and Schleich. DSC_0138
All birds found in Safari Toob Exotic Birds have a matching card which also included the The Bird printable pack.  then I also added a few more bird cards so we can discuss the different kinds of birds.
I think he never outgrows matching! He still loves them even if he's been doing this activity for years!  
                  DSC_0157 DSC_0163
Seen below, we are discussing the different kinds of birds, their characteristics, unique features and how they differ from others.  I will try to come up with a free printable for this one after I summarize the data, as it is worth sharing :)  birds
Then of course, we discuss the different parts of the bird using our Bird Definition Booklet.  Then I had my son do our homemade bird puzzle and put labels on each part.
                    DSC_0203 DSC_0205
Next post is still on birds, we're doing worksheets, differentiate beaks and bird's feet.
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Sunday, May 19, 2013


Happy Sunday!

The Bird (Pack)

We had a Bird Study last week and the printable material that we used is now up and available.


Bird Pack

(Click the picture for the link)


The Bird Pack contains 12 parts of the bird nomenclature card and booklet.
      - 12 picture cards
      - 12 labels
      - 12 control cards
      - 16 bird cards (3 part cards)
      - bird activity sheets
      - title cards


We used the bird cards for matching with our bird figures (Safari Toobs and Schleich). 


We also used them to discuss the different kinds of birds.


And the booklet comes in handy when we discuss the different parts of the bird.  As we talk about each part, we place a label on the bird puzzle as shown on the picture below.



Hope you like it! Enjoy!

Working on Spelling

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My son is currently obsessed with these Trace and Spell Worksheets that I made for him.  He's been working on them for days and loves to do them all over again.



I first gave him just four sheets to work on, but when he's done he said "Are there more of these Mom? I want to do them all!"

The file is available here.

I don't want to tire him so he worked on with the rest over the weekend.  I'm surprised he did very well with the CVC spelling. We're impressed! Husband said that I should give him the 4 letter words or the blending consonant words.  We might do that next month!



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CVC Word Trace and Spell Worksheets

Monday, May 13, 2013

Hello everyone!  I'd like to introduce to you my son's latest addiction:  Trace and Spell Worksheets.
We've just finished our Green Series in Language and I was thinking that it would be best to review our Pink Series by doing some spelling activities.  Here's a glimpse of what the file looks like:
CVC Word Trace and Spell Worksheets
(Click the image for the link)
The file contains: 
  • 84 pictures with lowercase letters for tracing
  • 84 pictures with blank lines for spelling
  • includes Control Cards for the complete list of words and pictures
We've worked with our Beginning, Middle, and Ending Sounds last year and since he did well in it, I wanted to test if he can carry on with the spelling.  If you are still working on your phonetic sounds, it is best to work on the Beginning, Middle and Ending Sounds first... then once your child masters them then you can proceed with the spelling :)
Beginning, Middle, and Ending Sounds Worksheets(Click the image for the link) 
Hope you try them! Enjoy!

Plant Atlas

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

This month we'll be studying plants, trees, flowers and birds!  My first printable is this Plant Atlas, which is about the plants that you can find in all 7 continents!  And we'll definitely be adding this in our Continent Study as well :)

Click the picture for the link of the file.bot_leafchart copy

The file includes:
- 2 pages of master chart
- 35 picture cards for sorting
- 35 picture cards with definition
- title cards

Alphabet Sound Cards and Tracing Cards

I am often asked I did I teach my son to read.  As some of you who might follow my blog religiously, I mentioned that at 3.5 yrs, he started reading books on his own. 

Well, there's no shortcut really.  It was a long process and I will give details on it if I have the time.  But I also advice my friends to read books to their kids and by the time they'll learn about the alphabet, expose them to gazillions of phonic activities.

My son's favorite was sorting objects/sound cards according to their beginning sounds.  Well we sorted with printable cards at first. I came across printables that were free but they were all in cartoonish form which I didn't think was appropriate because some of the images were difficult to identify.   I really prefer "real" images.  So what I did was make my own.

Alphabet Sound Card Preview

(Please click the image for the link)

The file includes:

  • 8 pictures per vowel (only 4 pictures for letter u)
  • 8 pictures per consonant (only 4 pictures for letters q,x,y,z)
  • 26 upper letter cards
  • 26 lower letter cards
  • 26 tracing cards for upper letters
  • 26 tracing cards for lower letters

Here's how it looks like in action.  I still have them and my son still loves using them!


(Laminated sorting cards)

And because tracing cards are so pricey, I also created my own version.  Here I printed them on an ordinary paper, put them on a cardboard and covered it with a contact paper.  Then I purchase a bunch of dry erase marker to use with my homemade cards. (Please click either of the images for the link)

                  trace1 trace2

This is how I made him practice writing aside from using the sandpaper letters.  Hmmm which reminds me to share how we do about our language and writing lessons when he was just about 2 yrs old!  Will definitely do that one of these days.


Continent Study: Europe Part II (FREE Picture Cards)

Monday, May 6, 2013

Map and Flag Study

Our continent study usually starts with maps.  This is my poor man's version of Wooden Puzzle Map (Montessori).  My son loves working with puzzles so I painstakingly made this one for him.


Then we work with flags.  Since I can't seem to find a cork-board so we can pin our Europe Pin Flags, we used plasticine to let our flags stand on the map :) 

               DSC_1008 DSC_1005

Here's a closer look of his work.

We also worked with the European Flag Nomenclature Cards.  He liked identifying the flags of the countries where we have lived and visited.


I asked him to pick three flags he like the best so we can paint them.  He chose the flag of Ireland, France and Serbia. 

               DSC_1023 DSC_1024

I love how he is serious when he is working.

               DSC_0007 DSC_1029

Now for the freebies, you can avail this flags of Europe file for coloring purposes.   Click the picture to download the file.


These books are amazing! We totally love reading it as my son and I learn about families living in certain countries of Europe, learning about their countries and their lifestyle.


And with that, I also wanted to share photos I collected from the web, showing some of things you need to learn about Europe.  Just click the picture for the link.




Here, I used my Landmarks of Europe materials.  My son loves listening to my stories of how we travel on the mainland and the places we have been to as seen on the photos and on our learning materials.   The rest of my Europe Continent Study materials can be found here.


After showing him the Eiffel Tower, I challenged him if he could create the tower using his Lego. And..... tada! He definitely surprised me!


PS.  First part of our Europe Continent can be found here.

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