Teaching Addition within 10

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Here’s a little recap of what Mavi has learned of our Math lessons for the past weeks.  And  the best part of it is that Mavi has learned how to do mental calculations! Yehey!  I’m so happy that he has discovered this all by himself.  He’s like “I’m using my brains to count Mom”.


We are using Singapore Math workbooks, and we use manipulates as well.  Read here if you want to know how we integrated workbooks and manipulatives. We’ve been using manipulatives for some time (Montessori and other learning materials) and now that he is older, we’re going to use less of these. 

Anyway, here’s what he has learned so far:

Ways to Add


  • By counting on from the greater number.  This is something new for Mavi.  I told him it’s a trick that he can use to add numbers.  He liked it and he’s been using it ever since. 

Making Addition Stories

Another part of the lesson that Mavi really really love doing was making stories! Favourite characters in his stories were his classmates and the dinosaurs lol.  This is an introductory part for problem solving which we will be doing as we progress.

Next would be subraction. I wonder if he will like it in the same way he did in addition.

Life Cycle: Organisms

Saturday, September 27, 2014

 organism copy

We started our Organisms Unit early this week and it was a joy Mavi had a great time learning about the living organisms and the different forms of life. I like that we will only have a few activities here. Focus on the quality, making sure that the child truly understands the concept behind the activity.

The key concept of this unit is for the child to learn that there are other organisms besides human and animals. That these organisms thrive and reproduce for survival. The following are the activities that we performed for the unit:



Objectives: To be able to sort the living and the non-living objects.


  1. Describe the characteristics that makes an object a living organism.
  2. Distinguish objects that are non-living but have been created from living objects (wooden cabinet).
  3. What are the three important requirements of a living organism to thrive or grow?

Vocabulary: animal, living, non-living, organism



Objective: Classification and sorting of objects, in order to group them into larger groups (Families)


  1. Discuss the families of the animals, what do you call the father, the mother and the baby and their group.
  2. Comparing the animal tracks. Those with round shape, hoofs or prints with toes.
  3. Classifying animals whether they live in land, water or sky.

Vocabulary: family, group, classification



DSC_1485 DSC_1493


Objective: Comparing where animals live.

Mid this year, we have conducted a study of the different habitats of animals around the world.  You can view our lesson here and here.

Next week, my son and I will work on the human body.  Still part of the Life Cycle theme… that evolves around organisms. 

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Calendar: October Schedule

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

October Calendar

I printed this calendar and posted it in Mavi’s room.  He loves looking at schedules and is looking forward for me to put a star on it once we’ve accomplished something.  So in October our lessons would be:

  • Math:  shapes, ordinal numbers, number and shape patterning
  • Grammar:  First Language Lessons (we will be using Montessori Grammar Symbol for this)
  • ART:  artist study, crafting, random painting activities
  • History:  SOTW
  • Science:  Human body (organs, skeletal system, teeth), plants, natural environment

Our Science Curriculum (K-6, Kindergarten to Grade 6)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

For a change, I made plans/curriculum for Mavi’s after school lessons.  I think I need this for I am about to start schooling Vito as well.  What happens here is that we discuss the topic and he will work on the tasks or lab experiments. Finally, he answers the activity sheets.  The tasks should be done with minimal help from Mommy.  This will encourage him to think for himself, work on his own and start to make decisions.

Note that even if Mavi’s knowledge in Science is way beyond his age, I started with the K lessons so as not to miss the little things.  Anyway if we’re done ahead of time because he knows it already, we will proceed to Year 1 level even before the school year ends.  So here are the things we need to accomplish for this year :

Our Science Curriculum (K-6, Kindergarten to Grade 6)

Life Cycle
  • Living and Non-living things
  • The Human Body
  • All About Plants
  • Nature and Environment

  • Water Cycle
  • Oceans
  • The Weather

Earth’s Crust
  • States of Matter
  • Minerals
  • Rocks
  • Discovering Dinosaurs (Dinosaurs, Geological Times)

Earth’s Moving Force
  • Volcanoes
  • Earthquakes
  • Continents and Oceans
  • Hazards

The Story of the Universe
  • Universe
  • Solar System
  • Earth
  • Land and Water Forms

Applied Science
  • Science and Math, Tools of Discovery
  • Physics, Observation, Electricity, Magnets
  • Technology, Machines, Inventions
  • Natural and Man Made Environment

Source:  The curriculum is based on Math/Science Nucleus

Math Curriculum 2014-2015

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Sharing Mavi’s Math curriculum for this school year.  In our home math is done as a supplemental study after school.  We don’t exactly do it everyday but I have weekly goals for each scope noand I am making that Mavi accomplish that task per week.  This post also serves as a reminder for me, in case I will look back 5 years from now for Vito’s Math curriculum as well :D

math curriculum

We are still using our Montessori Math materials and still adapting the philosophy.  But I just feel that need that Mavi needs to more forward.  As what Susan Stephenson said in her book Child of the World

“This child nearing the age of six or seven is passing beyond what is known as the sensory-motor developmental stage, when movement and exploration through the senses is a basic need in all learning.  Now he will gradually move to a cerebral exploration, giving up the manipulative materials according to his personal timetable. The years 6-12 are relatively stable, and the main academic work can now be done.”

With Math, I allow Mavi to use manipulative materials (Montessori and other learning materials) if he wishes to.  But I want him to learn how to do mental counting as well. 


  • Subtraction within 10
  • Shapes and Patterns
  • Number to 20
  • Addition and Subtraction within 20
  • Mass
  • Graphs
  • Number to 40
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Time
  • Number to 100
  • Money

If you have been following my blog, you know that we’ve done some of it in the past few years though play.  Right now, we’re working on it with workbooks and lots of additional activity sheets(homemade).  

So in times that we don’t work on Geography and Science, Mavi and I are definitely working on serious Math. Oh and yes, we’re using Singapore Maths… literally :D  I ordered a few workbooks used by students in Singapore from Popular Bookstore. Remember that we used to life there so I’m a little bit aware of what kind of books to purchase. And I have relatives living there as well.

Will post more as progress.

Montessori Grammar Lesson

Thursday, September 18, 2014

At home, we’re using the Montessori approach in teaching the English grammar.

Below are some of the materials we used:  grammar symbols, grammar booklet, strips of papers and Sharpies.  The symbols are made from foam crafts which I painstakingly form and cut.DSC_1387

Instead of grammar farm, we used Legos and animal figures set-up in an Arctic/Antarctic Expedition.  From here, I made Mavi identify the nouns.


I made this definition cards for his guide.


We created the sentences based on our set-up and Mavi labeled each word using a grammar symbol.  DSC_1409 

And I made him work the other way around, Mavi creating a sentence using the symbol sequence I made.

DSC_1417 Surprisingly, he enjoyed this activity.  He enjoys identifying the correct grammar symbol and loves creating sentences.  We will be doing much of this work and as he progresses, I’ll introduce adverbs, conjunction, pronoun, interjection and preposition.

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Bright Beaming Toddler Week 2

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mavi is 16 months old.

Theme: Jungle| Vocabulary: Vines| Color: Green| Letter: B | Number: 2 |Nursery Rhyme: The Little Nut Tree



Theme: Jungle
Vocabulary Word: Vines

The theme for this week is Jungle and the vocabulary is Vines. I introduced to  him the theme by showing pictures of jungles and vines, read a book related to the theme, sing songs and do some activities related to the theme.  Per usual, Mavi immediately got excited seeing the pictures.  He pointed out to the written words and tried identifying the letters all by himself.  It's just confusing to teach him the vines versus the jungle by just looking at the pictures  because I mistakenly printed out similar pictures of jungle and vines, plus they're all green!  I should have printed out a more discreet picture of the vines.

Anyway, he can properly say "vines".. as in "vayyynnnns" but he didn't manage to say jungle correctly, he's version was "dader".


Months ago, husband and I were able to buy the book "Just Like Me".  It was on sale, so instead of 1k rsd, we bought it for 500rsd only.  I used this book as my tool of teaching him the Jungle.  It's about an armadillo, lost in the forest and is looking for something that looks like him.  He likes this because it's a look and feel book and he loves to rub his fingers on the photos' surfaces.

IMG_0864_picnik copy



Shape: Green
Up until now, I find it difficult to teach Mavi about colors.  I don't know if he can understand it yet because he doesn't respond that much . I mean, he can point at the colors I'm asking him first, then the second time around, he will miss out.

IMG_0865 copy

To introduce him to the color green this week, I first tried to show him my cut-out of leaves printed in green art paper.  Then I started to put glue into it and demonstrated to him the proper way of putting it in the paper.  But he wasn't interested on the leaf or on the gluing activity.  Instead, he finds the glue stick more fascinating and he  took it away from me.  He played it for the rest of the day, and gets mad if I ask for it.

color the square

When he was already calm, I attempted again on teaching him the green color by showing the square shape that we have on our previous lesson.  When I have his attention, I showed him the green colored pen, the green colored-crayola stamps and the green crayon.  I told him "Mommy will color the square GREEEEN".  Then I started putting stamps on the square and shaded it with a green crayon. Enticed, he took the stamp from me and started tapping the paper with the stamp.  Sadly, the stamp was too small, I expected that it would produce a larger and more visible stamp, but it's too small and so light that Mavi can't barely see the effect if he taps the paper with the stamp.  When he was tired, he took the crayon and started doodling on the square.. and on the table as well.

Desktop7_picnik copy

This is what he loves to do most, removing the cap from the pen or glue stick and putting it back again.  He keeps doing it again and again, somewhat fascinated and that he can do it by himself.  I allowed him to do it anyway, so he can practice his hand and eye coordination.  I tell you, he's really good at it.

Desktop5_picnik copy

We also did "find a green color object" activity.  We looked around the house for toys and objects that's colored green.  Everytime we see one, I would say "green car", "green cup" etc.  Then we collected those objects and put it in the paperbag.  Since he likes car, I also cut out  square shapes from a piece of green art paper and constructed a car.  He doesn't like pasting the squares on the paper, but he loves the end product... green car.  Even if I use stickers, he doesn't know how to paste the on a surface yet. . Hmmm, I wonder why.  And I wonder how I  can teach him to do that.


Letter: B
IMG_0864 (2) copy

Letter B was introduced and I didn't print the letter, I just wrote it and made him trace the letter with his finger.  He already knows the letter so teaching him was not that difficult. Same thing as letter A, he matched the right hole for the letter B by successfully dropping the letter B on it.

Desktop8_picnik copy

Since we still got enough time, we read his favorite Nursery Rhymes book and ask him to identify the letter B on the writings.  So far, he's doing well with the letters because he didn't miss any.


Number: 2
As I mentioned earlier, to prepare for this lesson, I printed out two sets of matching frogs and clover leaf pictures on a piece of green colored art paper.  I put numbers 1 and 2 at the center of the picture.  These actually have dual purpose, first that is for counting, and then the other for our matching game.

IMG_0786_picnik copy

When I showed it to him, he was amused.  I showed to him the frog in sequence, "1 frog", "2 frogs"... "1, 2". In effect, he keeps on pointing at the numbers and saying it out loud. After I while, I tried showing to him that we can match the two items.  I demonstrated this by placing the two frogs together at one side of the table and the clovers on the other side.  Unfortunately, he couldn't get the idea.  This is the first time he encountered a matching game so I know that he couldn't grasp the thought at first.  I kept on pairing the frogs and the clovers... but he just grabbed the frog and run away shouting "2!" "2!".

IMG_0783_picnik copy

That afternoon, after his nap time, we draw the number 2 on a piece of paper.  I let him held the colored pencil and moved his hand to draw the number 2.  Then I cut out small squares on a piece of green sticker and instructed him to paste it on the paper below the number.  I peeled the sticker; put it on his finger indicating that he should paste it on the paper.  I guided his fingers while he put the sticker, and then we counted "1 square", and then followed by the second square "2 squares".  When we were on our last number 2, he immediately run to his other days and doesn't want to do the counting activity.  He definitely doesn't like the sticking activity and he still has difficulty in pasting the stickers.



Nursery Rhyme: The Little Nut tree
I posted the rhyme on our learning wall, and I kept on reciting it to him every time he plays around the house.  He keeps on pointing to the tree picture that I put beside the poem.  He's not much into the poem, even on the previous poems that we've been reading.  I think the reason for this is that there's not much picture or colors on the printouts that made.  Mavi usually prefers a book and sad to say, English books are scarce in this country :-).

We didn't do any motor skill today for I was not feeling well. Mavi just spent the day doing free-play.  Still, I wasn't able to plan for motor skills activity because I didn't have the time to prepare.  Hopefully by next week, I will be in the mood to do some fun activity with him.

The Geological Times

Monday, September 15, 2014

By now, you all know that my son is into history… the beginning of times.  I’m thinking of feeding this current interest and I find myself introducing topics which are unplanned.


Dinosaur Books!

Friday, September 12, 2014

These are ALL the books we used as reference for Dinosaur Study.  This post contains affiliated links.

I highly recommend this book for preschoolers who love dinosaurs and letters at the same time. Mavi has been obsessed with the alphabet for years and he always always relates the alphabet to any object he sees.



These are specific books that describes dinosaurs according to characteristics. My son borrowed ALL of these books from the library.


I personally prefer this book, unfortunately it is only limited to giant dinosaurs. It missed out some of my son’s favourite dinos. DSC_1101 

Hope this post is helpful in giving you ideas on what books to use when studying dinosaurs.

Have a nice day!

Dinosaur and the Land Before Time

Thursday, September 11, 2014


My son is obsessed with dinosaurs. Majority of the books he borrowed from the library is about dinosaurs.  His birthday cake was decorated with dinosaurs. So when he begged that we’ll play with dinosaurs, I couldn’t resist.  At the same time, Mavi’s favourite books are the ones in Life to …. He reads it every night and is eager to learn all about the beginning of times.  So considering all the factors, I put up an afterschool learning activity about the geological times and the era of dinosaurs.

Here are the activities we worked on…

Geological Time  

me-28 This topic deserves a separate post.  But here’s a preview of what we did here. My son is obsessed with the books that you see in the picture.  It is a three book series which tells the story of the beginning of time, from the big-bang to the appearance of humans.  Now, using these books we traced the geological period from the creation of the stars and planets to the first humanoid.

Dinosaur Family Tree


Another topic which I will have a separate post as well.  My son’s fascination with dinosaurs started this year and so far he has memorized the names of all the dinosaurs that appeared in the books which I shared at the very end of this post.  He’s been watching Walking With Dinosaurs non-stop and Dinosaur Train.  He wants to be a paleontologist and would make videos of dinosaur stories.

With this “burst” of interest, I’m gave him a challenging task of forming the Dino-Family tree using the cheat-sheet and our dinosaur figures.

Periods of the Dinosaur


We’ve done this activity a couple of times but I always add it whenever we re-visit dinosaur study.  For this year, the focus was for him to tell the difference between the three periods (time and the characteristics of dinosaurs living in that period).

Learning About Dinosaurs

me-25  I made a new set of cards for him (he requested this).  I previously made him this, but he wanted to have a new one.  The images where from BBC Walking With Dinosaurs and all the information in the card were from Enchanted Learning.  The are only 8 dinosaurs in this set that I made because I fell sick but I plan to add some more when I see beautiful images of other dinosaurs in our figures.


You can get with activity sheet (fact sheet) from here. I made this so I can train Mavi to “record” information of his dinosaurs.

     DSC_1231 DSC_1239

Currently, our dino collection is composed of Safari Toob Dinos and Safari Toob Feathered Dinosaurs. 

Dinosaur Fossils

I got Mavi an air dry clay from the craft store and we made dino fossils.  This was a fun activity for both of us as we are trying to make the “best looking fossil ever”.  I realize that it was actually hard to make a realistic dino fossil LOL.


When they dried up, I made Mavi paint the fossil light brown to make it similar to those in the museum.


But he had plans of his own :)  According to Mavi, the blue ones where fossils discovered in water, the red in volcanoes, the green and yellow in mountains and the brown ones were excavated from he ground.


 Parts of a Volcano


Since volcanoes were pretty active during the time of dinosaurs, I added parts of a volcano in our lesson. This one is from Montessori Print Shop.

me-23 Volcano Experiment

And for the most exciting part…. volcanoes and dinosaurs in one gigantic eruption!   



Will prepare a separate post for the books.

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FREE Feathered Dinosaur Cards

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Feathered Dinosaurs

Hello everyone! I made these cards ages ago and we use it to play matching game with our Safari Feathered Dinosaur Toob.  I’ll be posting our Dino Study this week for more dino-related activities that you can do with your little people.  Hope you like my cards.  Enjoy!