Nature Study: The Plant Kingdom

Thursday, April 16, 2015

It’s time for our 12 Months of Montessori Series and today I would like to share with you our study of the Plant Kingdom. Last year we worked on the Animal Kingdom and it was a huge success.  It helped Mavi understand how the animals are grouped according to their characteristics. My plan for the Plant Kingdom is to conduct a brief presentation at home using our Plant Kingdom chart and cards, then do the rest of the work outdoors for a more hands-on experience (that is if the weather permits).
Plant Kingdom FB
Mother Nature seems to be hearing our pleas for a good weather and she gave us a week of sun and heat!
The first thing here was to introduce the Plant Kingdom Chart.  Similar to the animal kingdom, plants are also classified according to their structure and characteristics.  During the presentation, there’s a lot of questions coming out from Mavi and it is a good thing I have fact cards for him to read out loud and be able to explain the grouping.
You see Mavi is not a passive learner.  He asks gazillions of questions, everytime you answer his question, expect a follow up question, then another and another.  That’s the reason why I always have fact cards because at times, books are not available and I don’t use the internet whenever we have lessons.  DSC_0886 But of course, if you have books by all means, use them.  You can always rely on books.  Here’s what we have at home, World of Plants.  We’ve been using this for 3 years now.  I totally love this book, because it is very informative and have lots of beautiful pictures for presentation.
DSC_0835Now with all the concepts learned, we went out to our forest/park and looked for these plants, to observe and investigate.  Note, the helmet is NOT A FASHION STATEMENT. He was wearing it because he was using his scooter.  Mavi is picking up samples so we could take a look at them at home.
 Liverworts and mosses are everywhere in this forest (and in Ireland!)!  This is a tree stump by the way, with sides covered with non-vascular plants!20150405_153920
Mavi checking out a conifer tree. He’s trying to check out the cones, looking for the male and female reproductive parts of this tree.   Mavi - "The leaves are indeed waxy!”20150405_155856 A sight to behold!  Perfect place to explore and learn. 
20150405_160547 “Mom, ferns!”
20150405_160614 And there you go, non-vascular plants again of any kind.
20150405_160830 We investigated the stream as well, just to confirm that mosses, liverworts and horsetails really grow in damp places.
The last part was checking out plants that are dicots and monocots.  Daffodils are monocots.  I guess we’ll be back to extend our nature study for dicot and monocot plants!20150405_152725We took samples and brought them home for examination.
And that’s it for an introductory of the plant kingdom.  We’ll do MORE nature study as the weather warms especially in summer vacation. I am planning to spend our summer nature study now that Vito can participate (for sensorial).
The Plant Kingdom file can be purchased from here.
Plant Kingdom

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  1. I just love your printables and Plant Kingdom Study. I'm going to have to see if I can find that book. When it comes to plants, I know very little. (One of those things I never learned in school.) Can't wait to share this and refer back to it as a reference for myself!

  2. Wow! So much wonderful information... you got me asking questions too! ;) Especially with all the botany terms that you used. I love the print out of fact cards. That is very helpful!

  3. What a beautiful place! :) Awesome ideas and post!

  4. Wow! I love the printable and how you used it. We're planning to study the plant kingdom this summer so I will definitely purchase a copy.

  5. Seriously LOVE this post and am jealous that you have such a bevy of moss! I have to steal ours from a local bog... shhhh.