Culture and Traditions of People Around the World

Sunday, January 10, 2016

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Welcome to another year and another series of the 12 Months of Montessori. For this month, my friends and I are going to showcases Montessori Cultural activities.  If you are a reader of my blog, you know so well that we travel a lot, thus Mavi has grown into a lover of geography and enjoys learning about different places and different culture.  Also, we’ve been doing a number of continent studies for years. You can check some of my popular posts on geography below:
12 Months January
To start with, I have been collecting Playmobil playsets and figures, they’re one of the best toys my kids have and greatest investment for me so far as we get to use them in our homeschool as well. We use these figures to represent a certain country in each continent, to have a better idea of the traditions and practices of the people.   

The Figures
This has been a long time dream of mine, to have a collection of dolls that represent countries in the world.  Those kinds of dolls are hard to find though and more expensive.  Then I discovered Playmobil and realized that they produce historical figures and playsets with important icons like Samurai, Mongols, Vikings, Princess, Flamenco dancers etc!  So I started collecting them!
pinayhomeschooler (1 of 1)-31
So each of these figures signifies the tradition, culture and the people of a certain country.

The Cards
I love the figures so much that I wanted to have cards that will go along with them, so I made these traditional clothing cards to match my Playmobils.  Here’s what I came up with! You can buy these printable cards from my store through this link: Multiculture Traditional Costume Cards.
Multiculture Traditional Costume Cards
Multiculture Traditional Costume Cards

South America and North America
Here are the “models”!  BrazilCarnaval dancer, ArgentinaGaucho, USANative AmericanCanadaMounty
pinayhomeschooler (1 of 1)-22
Asia and Australia
ChinaMongol/Chinese warrior,  JapanSamuraiSaudi ArabiaGenie magician, AustraliaAboriginal
pinayhomeschooler (1 of 1)-23
United KingdomVictorian ladyItalyGladiator, NorwayViking lord, GermanyBavarian lady
pinayhomeschooler (1 of 1)-26
South AfricaSouth African lady,  KenyaMaasai tribe leader, EgyptAncient Egyptian
pinayhomeschooler (1 of 1)-28
The People of the World
Mavi placing the Playmobil characters on the mapSmile !  I’m using the Montessori Continent Puzzle Map, from Tower High Learning (UK) or from Amazon UK.  If you are in the US, you can get yours from Amazon US.
Since I can’t get enough of my little people, here are some close-up shots of my figures. They are adorable!

Now to learn more about each of the figures and the countries they represent, I created picture booklets of Egypt, Japan, China, and Australia (these are the ones I made as of the moment, check my shop for more picture booklets in the future). Mavi loves our booklets, he enjoys reading and coloring them, learning about each country and working on his own DIY booklets!  Now I just have to stop here, and talk about these booklets soon!
pinayhomeschooler (1 of 1)
We used our fact cards of course, for the details of our figures. The fact cards are from my continent nutshell series:
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  1. Oh my goodness! You've given me a new excuse to buy more Playmobil figures. We love them in this house too, I just never thought to use them in our classroom. Your cards are absolutely beautiful. Thank you for inspiring new ideas!

  2. Oh my goodness! You've given me a new excuse to buy more Playmobil figures. We love them in this house too, I just never thought to use them in our classroom. Your cards are absolutely beautiful. Thank you for inspiring new ideas!

  3. I never knew Playmobil made such nice figurines. And what beautiful cards you created!

  4. How fantastic! I love the post! :D

  5. Oh, I love this idea. The cards to go along with it are great. And now I need more Playmobile.


  7. Hi! This idea is awesome. I'm from Germany and this culture cards are such a great stuff. I'm very interested in how we get this culture cards?! Is it possible to buy this? Or is it possible to send this cards by Email? We start now with your culture lesson and this will be an good material for us.Thank you very much for your answer. Best wishes Christin

  8. I'm really starting to think I need to invest in some Playmobile sets! They are so cute! I love the printables that you made to go along with the figures. This is adorable.

  9. Is there a link where we can download these cards?

    1. Hi! The cards are not yet available in my shop. Thanks!

  10. When will the cards/books be available?

    1. Some of the books (China, Egypt, Japan, Australia and United Kingdom) are already in my Sellfy shop.

    2. For the cards, I'm still waiting for a few more images to make the cards complete. thanks!

  11. Hi, Any news on the completion of your cards? :-)