Animals Around the World Activity

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Vito is 39 months old.

Animals Around the World Activity

There is nothing more precious in this world than seeing your kids work together peacefully LOL.  During the midterm break, I prepared some activities which both of them can participate in.  It’s not just about the academics, but my main purpose is for them to learn how to work together as a team and bond as brothers.  So aside from learning about flowers, the boys also explored the animals of the world using our Montessori Inspired Animal Continents Activity Sheets.  Mavi was so ecstatic to do this with Vito as he loves animals (he said he’s an expert) and geography.

The animal figures we used are from Safari Toob, Papo, and Schleich.  Beforehand, I made Mavi look for the animals that we will be using and he then placed these in a basket.  Because this is Vito’s first time, Mavi decided to work on one continent at a time, starting with Africa.  He would pick animals from Africa in the basket, name it so Vito will know (or he would ask Vito too), then Vito will match it to the Animal Continents Activity Sheets.

Here are some of the snapshots. I love these photos, you can see them discussing, imitating the animal figures and even trying to make animal sounds.  I asked Mavi to use the name of the continents instead of calling out the colors.  This way, Vito will become more accustomed to calling the continents with their names rather than the color code (Montessori).

With all the seven continents, I was thinking that Vito’s attention wouldn’t last long, but I was wrong.  He was able to work on all seven continents with his big brother around!  And to conclude the activity, Vito matched the continents from the Montessori continent puzzle map to our activity sheets.

It was a fruitful and engaging 20 minutes of play between brothers!  Hoping we could do more of this during breaks and summer vacation.

You can purchase our Montessori Inspired Animal Continents Activity Sheets from our shop or click the image below:

Montessori Inspired Animal Continents Activity Sheets

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