Hands-On Learning on Land and Water Forms

Monday, June 27, 2016

We started our Bodies of Water Unit last week and Mavi wants to take part again and look what he made for his little brother!Land-and-Water-Forms_thumb
The boys and I first read this fantastic book Follow the Water from Brook to Ocean (Amazon US) (Book Depository).  It’s a lovely science book that tells about the different bodies of water, the source up to its end.  It is pleasant to read, just like telling a story that kids can eventually relate and very informative.  I also made these Land and Water Form definition cards for easy identification and as guide too.
Mavi started working his way through his favourite landforms: peninsula and waterfalls.  While he was working, Vito was also busy playing his own dough.  We are using our homemade Playdoh in this activity. For the recipe you can check my post here, Fun Dinosaur Color Sorting with Homemade Playdough Recipe.  If you don't have time to make your own you can also buy from amazon.
Mavi meticulously formed his land and water forms and added trees and transport figures to make them more realistic.  We used Safari Toob Trees, Safari Toob In the Water, Sky  and Safari Toob On the Road, these sets are all worth-it as we used them frequently.  In fact I even made some picture cards to match these toy figures, Montessori Inspired Land, Air and Water Transportation Cards.
Mavi uses our Land and Water Forms definition cards as his guide.  Here as you can see, he’s making the canyon. 
He piled up layers of playdoh in orange, red and yellow color to make it look like a canyon.  He reads the description in the card so he can correctly form the playdoh. 
Okay so these are the ones he finished (not shown the mountain).  We displayed these on top of our shelf for Vito to observe and play.  Can you name the land forms here?
If you want to buy the Land and Water Forms Learning Pack you can click here or the image below.
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  1. These are great .we are copying thi activity , thank you so much for sharing xx would you share the land and form definition cards please

  2. Thanks for sharing! This looks like much fun. Would you consider sharing the definition cards?

  3. Hi! Thank you for appreciating the cards. They're available here: http://sellfy.com/pinayhomeschooler