Highly Recommended Montessori Materials

Monday, November 7, 2016

Another feature for 12 Months of Montessori series! For November, I’m sharing our favourite Montessori materials that my kids love and have been using for years.  So to those who are asking me on what Montessori materials to invest in, here are my recommendations:

The golden beads, hundred board and decanomial beads are my favourite math materials. You will see these often used in my posts with Mavi.  With these materials, I was able to give him a strong foundation in math, understanding quantity, quality and symbol and how everything works together. See my related posts here:

Continent and world puzzles, it’s not that expensive if you purchase your home continent resource.  They’re huge! So when you get one, be sure that you have space at home where your child can work on this.  I own three of these because we lived in two different continents and I also got the world map for Vito.  The puzzle provides the best hands-on activity in learning maps and places.  It gives the child a visual representation of a country’s location, and how it looks like in a map.  And of course, the thrill of completing the puzzle is there. Below are the links to the continent puzzles in that can be bought from Amazon US:

Posts on geography learning activities can be found here:
Sandpaper alphabet, number one choice of most moms for prewriting activities. We used our moveable alphabet in reading and spelling practise. It’s a fun way of forming words with tangible letters, allowing the child to feel it, manipulate and assemble forming readable words.
And what more can I say about the zoology and botany puzzles? We own most of these and are often used in our units.  There’s just so many things that you can do with these puzzles aside from learning the different parts of animals and plants.  Mavi, for one, is using these right now to learn how to draw by tracing the pieces.  Vito, uses them to match the different parts to the objects in our nomenclature cards.
Finally, Vito’s favourite knobless cylinders! I bought these for Mavi but he didn’t use them that much but Vito loves them! To learn more about this, read it here

This post is part of the 12 Months of Montessori Learning which is hosted by Natural Beach Living and The Natural Homeschool.  Checkout some posts from other great Montessori Moms!

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