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Monday, December 19, 2016

Mavi wanted to practice more of reading the time, especially when it comes to reading and writing “quarter to” and “half past”.  He seems to be confused with the positioning of the small hand.  So with this, I made a few activities for him to work afterschool.  I am sharing these activities as well as the printables were are using (yes it’s free!).



These are the cards and activity sheets I prepared for him.  The activity sheets will tell you what to do with the time cards.  I find this useful with Mavi as he can work this independently, with minimum assistance from me.  He can use his learning clock to check whether his answer is correct or not, or he can just ask me of course.


The cards are also good for presentation and further discussion of telling the time, incase you don’t want to use the answer sheets.


You can download the activity sheets and time cards on the link provided below:


Then his favourite, the activity cards wherein he has to “time stamp” the cards.   He love this so much! This encourages the child to frequently check the clock and practise reading (and writing!).  I printed and laminated these cards, and made him use a chalk marker so we can just erase the time easily and reuse it the next day.


You can download more free printables by clicking the image below




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