Learning about the Weather for Preschoolers

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Drastic changes in weather can be experience around January when you are in Ireland.  Thus, I decided to introduce the concept of weather to Vito around this time.  I will do this in the simplest form I can think of and that’s by using a weather chart. 


As you can see, the chart that I made has no text, only simple images that depicts our weather:  sunny, windy, cloudy, rainy and cold (snow) days.  We will identify the weather (observed it first) in the morning before we do our actual activities.  The beautiful book to accompany our weather study is from our favourite My First Discovery series.  You can purchase this in Amazon or Book Depository (free delivery worldwide).


We love My First Discovery books, they’re engaging!  My boys love the transparent flaps that are so useful when demonstrating the change in weather.  Plus, it has beautiful realistic images with less text, perfect for little ones!


As I mentioned, we would calibrate our weather chart in the morning after observing the sky.  Vito loves moving the arrow here and there, sometimes playful but mostly cooperative.


We will gradually move from this method, but for now, it’s good enough that he can tell weather we have a sunny, windy, cloudy, cold/snowy or rainy day.


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