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Friday, February 17, 2017

I remember playing this when I was 10 years old at my friend’s house.  It was addictive! The more I finished an exercise, the more I wanted to go on and on with the booklets.

miniLUK Brain Challenger
If this is your first time to hear about miniLUK Brain Challenger, here’s a perfect description from Amazon:
MiniLUK Brain Challenger is a play-and-learn matching game that reinforces children's essential developmental skills such as visual perception, concentration, critical thinking, language ability, and basic math. These comprehensive and well-designed exercises provide great benefits for young children: - enhance intellectual ability - improves memory and concentration - develop problem solving skills - accelerate learning process - establish primary math skills - builds solid foundations for reading and writing - encourage eye-hand coordination - promote self-esteem.
I bought our set two years ago for Mavi, to serve as his afterschool activity during rainy and cold seasons.  They don’t have much homework so he still seeks for activities once he gets back from school.  This can be hard and tiring for Moms, especially those with multiple kids to tend.  I wanted to give him something that he can work with independently and miniLUK Brain Challenger, is the perfect material.

But then, Mavi wasn’t interested.  You see I purchased the “advanced” booklets thinking that he can work on it but I was wrong.  He just couldn’t connect with the educational toy and would get really exhausted after one round of the “brain teaser”.  But a few weeks ago, he saw me tidying up the miniLUK Brain Challenger and wanted to give it a try again.  He was surprised that he actually love it!  He couldn’t stop working on each problem!  He was totally addicted!  He’s like “Mommy, I didn’t realize it was this fun and tricky!”.

The best thing about this game is that the child/children can work on their own and check their own answers!  So true!  I would just give this to Mavi in the afternoon and he would solve one to three exercises per day.

Now, let’s talk about Vito.  There’s a version of miniLUK Brain Challenger that’s intended for younger kids but I didn’t purchase that.  A friend recommended that a 3 year old can do the miniLUK Brain Challenger with some help from parents. And that is exactly what’s happening right now.  Though Mavi enjoys the miniLUK Brain Challenger, it’s really Vito who would insist to work on it everyday.  There are times that they fight over the toy, but I would just tell them to take turns or learn to work together peacefully.

Here are some photos of how the child can check if his answers are correct.  When you invert the controller, it should match the pattern indicated in the problem you are solving.

Vito actually loved this part.  He loves seeing his controller match the pattern.

So if you are looking for ideas on how to entertain your child afterschool, this is one of the educational toys I can highly recommend.  The entire set is quite pricey, but you can opt to purchase the starter pack (not the complete set) and buy the workbooks separately. Here are the available workbooks:

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