Montessori Inspired Animal Classification Activities

Saturday, July 29, 2017

There’s nothing more interesting for my three years old than learning about animals.  Aside from learning about the continents they live in, my boys also love to identify animals according to their names and classifications.  Initially, Vito can only tell the difference between birds and fish, the rest he calls them “animals”.  So I decided to expand this knowledge further by introducing the other three classifications: mammals, reptiles and amphibians.

Montessori Inspired Animal Classification Activities

Materials used in the activities are: animal classification cards and animal figures from Schleich and Papo.  I showed Vito our title cards and introduced the five animals and emphasized on their backbones.  I pointed out that he has a backbone too similar to these animals.


We worked first with the animal figures before the cards. Because our animal figures are limited, Vito enjoyed working with the cards more.

Montessori Vertebrate Sorting Activity Cards

I love that he would name and identify the animal/animals first before placing them in their classification or group.


Loved this picture, he was hooked and even asked for more cards to work on.  (my Vertebrate Sorting Cards contains 6 animals for each classification but I only made him use 3 picture cards).


More details for our animal classification cards here if you are interested.

Vertebrate Animal Sorting Cards

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