Sparkly Planets for your Solar System

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

We’ve done this before (in 2013) and we made another one again! Creating our planets for our solar system using aluminium foil. Have done this before?  I mentioned the source of this activity in my previous post, read it here.


This is actually very easy to make, all you ever need are a variety of sharpie colors, foil and some planet templates, which are a bunch of cut-out circles in different sizes.    I made the boys used our Safari Ltd Solar System for inspiration, and this wall art work of Vito a long time ago.



I printed out our templates on a thick cardstock, wrapped it in aluminium foil and colored it with Sharpies.


And if you may ask, yes both of the boys participated in this activity.  They enjoyed colouring their planets with Sharpies!


While we wait for our planets to dry, we attached two A3 black paper for our solar system backdrop.  Can you see the teamwork between brothers?


Now plot your planets in the black backdrop and stick them.  We use double sided tape instead of a glue because it seems to work better on aluminium.  Here Mavi wanted to put some lines for the orbits, so he used a silver pen on this one to make it visible.  


Next, create an asteroid belt which lies between the planet Mars and Jupiter. Look what the boys came up with (Mavi’s idea by the way), the used glitters!  These were unused glitters from ages ago and I’m glad we get to use it again LOL.


And I was so impressed of the outcome!!


The effects of using aluminium foil is totally awesome!

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