FREE Letter B for Bear Mazes

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Vito is currently in a sensitive period with mazes.  The first time I noticed this was when we were eating in a restaurant and he was all of a sudden glued on the kids’ activity page given to him which contains lots of mazes.  And much to my surprise, he successfully solved most of it!  This went for weeks, whenever we are in restaurants.  So what to do when your child acts like this?  Of course, print lots and lots of mazes at home, give them pens and markers, and have them work the mazes out!  You can see a series of this post in my Instagram, accounting his fascination with mazes.  (Vito likes mazes while Mavi is into crossword puzzles LOL)

FREE Letter B for Bear Mazes

So this was the time when I printed over 20 pages of mazes for this boy.  He worked with them independently, quietly and for a long period of time.  He loved and enjoyed them, and kept asking for more until I ran out of paper LOL.  I was tempted to buy those maze toys in Amazon, but why so?  I can buy a rim of paper for half the price of these toy mazes and I can print all kinds of labyrinths with different levels of difficulty for Vito to solve.  Plus the the fact that he’ll be using pens and markers for writing practice would make it even more better than toys!


So here I am, continuously creating mazes for him, and he kept on solving them.  I tried to integrate this interest in our letter of the week and Five in a Row (B4FIAR) activities (example B4FIAR activities: Bear Hunt Story Sequencing, Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?) to make it even more exciting.  We are currently learning about the letter ‘b’ sound (and recognition) to go along with our book Jesse Bear What Will You Wear (B4FIAR).


How to prepare these maze sheets?  Simply print, laminate and use a dry erase pens or in our case, we’re using chalk markers.


How I love that at an early age he loves mazes!  You should try this with your kids!

Why are mazes great?  Here are some of the benefits!
  • Problem solving and critical thinking.
  • Fine motor skills (hand-eye coordination).
  • Enhance memory.  Through trial and error, the child will learn what path to avoid.
  • Visual attention (focus on the path)
If you like our material, I’m giving a few of these mazes for FREE to try with your kids or students.

FREE Letter B for Bear Mazes


Hope you like it, enjoy!


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