Human Body Unit: The Internal Organs

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Human Body Unit: The Internal Organs
The second week of our Science curriculum is all about the Human Body.  The first part of our study is the internal organs.  We’ve tackled this subject a couple of times now and below are the links of our previous studies:

Different Internal Organs (Modelling using PlayDoh)

Materials we used are:

Review of the Internal Organs

We looked at our nomenclature materials and reviewed the different functions of the internal organs using our definition booklet (we used it as a card).


Life Size Body

Because we’ve done puzzles and modelling before, I decided to do something different this time.  For this year, we made a life size representation of the body and plotted the organs.  Of course, Mavi was the model (although he insisted that we should also make something for Vito)… and all our materials were sourced out from the kitchen.

We started by making an outline of his body in an art paper.


Using our tablet, we made a brain (styro), esophagus (penne) , lungs(bread toast) and heart (bell pepper).


The rest of the organs were made of penne pasta for skeleton, bag of plastic for stomach, paper craft for liver and yarn for the veins.



Our kidneys are made of jelly, the large intestines using crepe paper and the small intestines were spaghetti (our dinner!).



This was an absolutely fun activity for both of us as we kept on laughing on the objects we used to form our internal organs. He found it so funny to use stuff from our kitchen. And Mavi was so cooperative doing all of these! He got bored everytime we use printed materials so it was good to have this fun activity for a change.

And here’s the end product.

Internal Organs of the Body Study for Kids

We’ll continue with our study of the Human Body till next week, which will include the Skeletal System and the development of the human teeth.

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  1. I LOVE the life sized body with organs from bits around the house. What a fun idea!! Pinned!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  2. Jae, As a former health policy wonk, I absolutely love this post! Your creativity certainly shines through in this post! I love the foods you used for the various parts of the body -- toast for lungs, styro for brains! GENIUS!!!!

  3. Our boys did something similar, too, and it's still hanging on the wall, even 3 years later. Great project!

  4. This is an amazing post! I love it and will come back to glean ideas later for Little Bee! :)