Learning the Timeline of European History

Monday, November 16, 2015

I am so excited to share with you our approach on learning the timeline of the European history. As I mentioned earlier, my son is obsessed with world history, especially with the events in Europe and Asia (his home continents!) so while he is at it, I grabbed the opportunity to discuss the great history of Europe. To achieve this, I created these beautiful timeline cards which contains bold pictures (because kids are attracted to pictures) and included a brief description for each of the event. I thoroughly researched this, and handpicked the major events to be included in the cards. We were always reading the books of the Story of the World series, but most of the events in the cards were not included in the book.

Timeline of European History

Our timeline cards covers the 4 periods in history:  ancient times, medieval times, early modern times and modern times. 

  • In each period, we will identify the fundamental needs of man:  Spiritual (love, religion, culture/community) and Material (shelter, transportation, food and clothing)
  • Identify the locations in the map where the event occurred
  • Historical figures that played a major role in that historical period
  • Be able to arrange the timeline cards
  • Compare the impact of each period to Mavi

Ancient Times (up to 500AD)

My Ancient Time Cards starts from the event that occurred in Mycenae to the end of Byzantine Empire. We talked about how Greece played a major role in the beginning of the European history, great conquerors like Alexander the Great, the rise and fall of Rome. It was obvious that aside from the material things, religion played a major role in the development of the European culture.

Europe Ancient Time Cards

Medieval Times (500AD to 1500)

Major events include the wars in Europe after the fall of Rome, the Black Death, the crusades, the significance of the Vikings in forming what is now known as the Great Britain, Constantine and Charlemagne, the separation of Orthodox and Roman Christians.

Europe Medieval Times Cards

Early Modern Times (1500-1900)

The Early Modern Times is all about Renaissance, and because of Industrial Revolution, people started to explore places. Inventions of steam train, and ships. But there were also civil wars like in France and between England and Scotland. Mavi and I identified the causes of these wars and yes it’s all because of the fundamental human needs.

Europe Early Modern Times Cards

Modern Times (1900 – present)

Modern Times was quite challenging because Mavi asked a lot of questions in this period. Most especially in the events of World War I and II, and the wars in the Baltic. There are just certain things that you can’t explain to a 7 year old. So I just told him stories of what I know (I have yet to purchase the Vol 4 of the Story of the World) and what I read in the web.

Europe Modern Times Cards

Using the Cards

Our aim is to arrange the cards according to the time of events. We set up a few craft strings in our shelf where we can pin the cards. This is an amazing technique for visualization of the entire events!

Sequencing the European Timeline Cards

Seen below, Mavi is reviewing his work, making sure he’s arranging the time in order. I previously taught him how the BC and AD works, so this is a perfect opportunity to put that knowledge into action!

Reviewing the Sequence of the European Timeline Cards

He loves the cards and enjoys reading the descriptions. I wanted the cards to be as attractive and engaging to Mavi so I made sure that I don’t put too much facts into the descriptions. Because of this, I created another set of cards for the “longer” description.

European Timeline Cards Descriptions

European Timeline Cards Descriptions

He was proud of his work and asked to take a photo of him with his work LOL.

European Timeline Cards Completed Work

So this is how I explained and presented the history of Europe to my 7 year old boy.

For the European History Learning Materials below is the list:

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  1. Such a fun introduction to European history! Those cards look great! Side Note: Mavi is look way grown up all of a sudden!

  2. I love your idea of hanging the timelines on a string using paperclips! They turn out so beautiful too! As always, I love how much detail and thought you put into your activities with your elementary child. :)

    1. The string idea is also from a random research on the web, but we don't have enough pegs so I used paperclips LOL. Thanks Elaine!

  3. Wow! So inspiring! I love everything about this. Dinomite has been asking to learn more about world history. I'm guessing next year we'll be studying it more in depth. Thank you for the fabulous ideas and book recommendations. I'm sure I'll be coming back!

    1. Story of the World is worth-it for a general view of history.

  4. Wow! So inspiring! I love everything about this. Dinomite has been asking to learn more about world history. I'm guessing next year we'll be studying it more in depth. Thank you for the fabulous ideas and book recommendations. I'm sure I'll be coming back!

  5. What a great way to present history! I love the visualization of hanging them. The cards are beautiful.

  6. This is so wonderful! We are fans of SOTW and I love the cards. Thank you

  7. How cool! Where can I find these wonderful cards? We have timeline cards that correspond with the SOTW series, but these are worth a look! ;) They look fun and smaller, easier to transport and for small hands. ;)

    1. Exactly, reason why I created something that's portable LOL It's hard to skim through the books for review and the cards are visual LOL. I'll publish in the store the first batch (Ancient Times of World History) and still working on the Medieval Times. The ones you see in the post is only for Europe though

  8. What a great resource! I love how your displayed the cards. My kids love having pictures with their history lessons. And songs!