Indoor and Outdoor Light Activities for Kids

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Vito is 31 months old.
I decided that for our Light and Shadow Unit, we’ll explore indoor and outdoor lights. 

This was last week when we had a day of sunlight.  I took the boys out and brought our Guidecraft Rainbow Pyramid with us to explore lights and shadow.  Vito was fascinated right away! The refracted lights were so beautiful!DSC_8596
We love our Rainbow Pyramid, it’s one of my favorite learning material to use when discussing colors and lights.  Mavi uses it as his buildings and structures whenever he plays his cars and dinosaurs.  Vito on the other hand loves to mimic whatever his big brother is doing, and kind of experimenting on his own as well.  Vito would sometimes line them outside, and it’s the perfect opportunity for me to teach sizes! (See first image in the post)
And here comes the rainy days!  We were stuck at home for days because of cold and damp weather.  To continue our unit, I took out our Christmas lights (LED)  and played around with it using the rainbow pyramid and our beloved Magnatiles and Stick N Stack.
Time to be creative!  Look what Mavi made for his brother.
Vito and I made this as well as a result of our color matching activity.  I've put up the squares and he looked for the triangular counterparts.
And for a little extension, I remembered that I have these skeleton x-rays of animals which I purchased and used with a light table.  So I took them out and made them explore it.  I regretted that I didn’t get the body x-ray version.  Hopefully when we get back to the US, I’ll try to get one!
Happy learning!
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