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Monday, March 13, 2017

Earlier this year I bought Mavi this Montessori Map and Flags because they’ve been having a lot of geography lessons in school, and he wanted to master his knowledge of flags.  As it turned out, this has been one of the most used Montessori material at home as of the moment.  There are 32 country flags with a stand.  Mavi can mostly identify those of European and American countries, but needs to review his African and middle eastern countries.
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Alongside this, I made the boys a flag booklet which they can use as a guide in identifying the flags that represents the country.  The flags has a guide as well, but it’s located at the back of the map board so it’s difficult to check. With this, I customized this Flags of the World booklet in such a way that they are grouped according to continents and added some information about each country for additional knowledge.

Mavi finds this very useful.  Not only was he able to identify the flag, but he also learned about the capital city, currency and languages of each country.

The second time he worked on the map, he tried not using the guide to see if he knows the flag… but he still finds the African flags confusing LOL.  I’m pretty amazed that he knows how to challenge his self.

You can purchase our beautiful Flags of the World Booklet in PDF from the shop!   Click here or the image below for the link. You can use this using the Montessori material or not, or you can even bring it  during your travels!  This will come in handy for sure!
Flags of the World Booklet
After Mavi’s work, our little guy was more than happy to put back the flags in their stand.  This is a perfect opportunity to practice hand-eye coordination and familiarization of flags and maps.

Later, I took out our multicultural peg dolls  so Vito can place them in the map.  He loves these dolls so much! Or you can also use our multicultural cards in this manner.
I ordered these peg dolls from Etsy (based in France), and I don’t have enough of these for now.  I named them to Vito according to which country they belong.  For now we have Japan, India, Australia, Kenya, Alaska, Chile and Peru.
Multicultural dolls, like our peg dolls or the Playmobil that we used last year are a great help in introducing people and culture from different countries.  Especially now that Vito can grasp the concept that our relatives (grandparents) are living in Asia and that he’s miles away from them.
Flags, maps and multicultural dolls are a few of the learning materials that we love to use in learning geography.  The kids love them, thus I keep on investing my time creating beautiful learning materials to nurture learning.  What about you? It would be nice if you can share some of your ideas!
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  1. Hi , very useful article . I am trying to buy a similar flags and stand set for my almost 5 yr old son but it seems the seller has discontinued it on Amazon . Would you know of any other site which sells it. Or if you want to sell off your I would be interested.