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B4FIAR: Jesse Bear What Will You Wear

Sunday, September 10, 2017

We are continuing our Five in a Row because Vito is loving some of the stories in the book list.  In this post, I’m sharing activities to go along with the Jesse Bear What Will You Wear by Nancy White Carlstrom.  Note, I only make or prepare activities in line with the books that he loves.  So when I read Jesse Bear to him, he immediately love it because he can relate to the story.  He has routines too similar to Jesse Bear (playing, eating and waiting for Daddy) and staying with his Mom all day. 

B4FIAR: Jesse Bear What Will You Wear
Anyway here are the activities we worked on to explore the subject areas of Jesse Bear What Will You Wear.  Note, this was a 2-week long of rowing.  The activities here were mostly done in the morning and we only worked on one activity a day, and the rest we spend it outdoors or Vito would do something else (like work on his traditional Montessori materials).

B4FIAR: Caps for Sale! (with FREE Counting Cards)

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Have you read the book Caps for Sale?  It’s one of our all time favourite classic books in the house!  I first heard of it when we were in Singapore, borrowed it from the library and Mavi immediately loved it.  Because I love the idea of Five in a Row, I decided to purchase the book so that we can do extension activities over and over again with the book.  Now that it’s Vito’s turn, I decided to prepare simple activities to go along with book that are centered around the three objects found in the book:  caps, money and monkeys.

B4FIAR: Caps for Sale! (with FREE Counting Cards)

B4FIAR: Harold and the Purple Crayon

Friday, March 3, 2017

I love book extension activities.  This is one of the reasons why I enjoy doing Before Five In a Row with the boys.  So when I introduced the book Harold and the Purple Crayon, I knew that its a story that we can explore beyond than just reading.  The book itself is enjoyable to read, engaging and the boys found it funny.  Vito was glued to it for a long time.  At times, he would even “pretend” to read it by himself, mimicking how I read it to him at night. 

If you love this book, or if you plan to get one (highly recommended!) I listed below the areas of learning we touched by just  doing this simple easy to set-up activities:DSC_3807

Before FIAR: Goodnight Moon Unit

Sunday, October 23, 2016

My boys love Goodnight Moon (Amazon US) (Book Depository) and we have read it numerous times already. You can see our previous activity of the book from here, Goodnight Moon Storytelling Basket.  Now that Vito is a lot older, I assembled these activity trays for him to work on as a book extension.  I don’t have a guide for Before FIAR, so all of these activities are either sourced from the internet or invented by yours truly.
Note:   All of the printables here are homemade and you can find them in my shop:

Goodnight Moon Unit

B4FIAR: Jesse Bear and {Learn & Play Link Up}

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

I am starting Before Five in a Row with Vito.  I am a fan of FIAR and I’ve been doing it with Mavi for years. 

Last week, we did Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?  Vito loved it instantly!  He can relate to the daily activities of Jesse Bear and how amazing he recognizes most of it as part of his routines.  Like changing his shirt, high chair and mealtime, bath time and when running towards Daddy when my husband arrives from work. 

Now here are the activities we did to go along with Jesse Bear:



We played in the yard, put on his jacket and red pants Open-mouthed smile 


Then try to play sand just like Jesse Bear. That is Kinetic Sand and we are loving it!


Noon Time

Lunch time, he ate some steamed veggies, then apple and drank milk.  He insisted that we place the book in his table to make sure he’s doing what Jesse Bear is doing.DSC_0627



Afternoon Time

To kill time we played with colored rice and scooping because Jesse Bear was playing with his rice! 


We also played matching shoes game!    When your child is about 1.5yrs old, they’re able to discriminate objects. Try matching games as simple as matching their shoes! Vito is such an expert!



Vito’s bedtime routine includes brushing his teeth (like Jesse Bear), washing his face and putting on his PJs.  I say this out loud as I do it so he’ll understand what we are doing.  And just like what I did with Mavi, I would read him books while I put him to bed.  This actually calms him down…. and make us both sleepy LOL. 


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B4FIAR: Ask Mr. Bear

Monday, May 21, 2012

A few weeks ago, we rowed Ask Mr Bear and pull out a Farm Animals themed as well. My son loves this book to pieces and he can almost memorize it.  There were times I can here him do a monologue using his animal figures (Safari Toobs) basing on the story.  
Here are some pictures that best describes the activities we did to go along with the book.
Story sequencing. To make it more interesting I added the objects the animals offered to Danny as a gift for his Mom.  This printable was downloaded from Homeschool Creations.
Identifying beginning sounds using the printable pack which I downloaded as mentioned previously.
Where’s the Birthday Cake game which has the same mechanism as Where’s the Easter Card game.   Another favorite math game!
Oh and this is exactly the reason why I seldom have time to post.  This is out of topic, but we really really love playing outdoors.P1040913
Animal farm family matching game.  The cards can be downloaded here.  Well this is just my version, I made this because I was inspired by My Montessori Moments who has a COMPLETE set of animal families for download.    P1040945
Lastly, we sort zoo and farm animals. 
I am looking forward of rowing this again, and hopefully by then I have enough idea, resources and time to carry out additional activities.
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The Moon

Monday, April 2, 2012

Here’s the Moon unit we did for the past few days to go along with our Goodnight Moon Before FIAR

Read books which I borrowed a few books from the library aside from the ones we already have.


My son can now appreciate space facts, astronauts, rocket ships and planets.  Unlike the first time we had the moon unit.

     DSC_0309 DSC_0310

The space toob which was a gift for him was very useful during his play pretend of space and planets.


Now on serious stuff, I discussed the the position of the moon, earth and sun in space.  


Then I talked about the moon revolving around the earth and that the earth revolves around the sun.  I demonstrated this using our felt planets and he was fascinated.  He tried doing it by himself.


Then we worked on the phases of the moon.  I was very careful telling him that there’s only one moon but it looks different from time to time.  Since this topic is a bit complicated for a 3 year old, I just compared to it making faces.  Sometimes we look sad, happy or mad but we only have one face.  And with this, he started making faces as well... just funny that he was able to get the point somehow.

Here he worked on the nomenclature cards of the phases of the moon.


And using felt moons, we talked about the moon getting bigger and getting smaller.


I made him worked through the phases by positioning the moon phases as to the ones on the book.  From here, I asked him on what side does the moon gets bigger or smaller.



So everytime we’re outdoors, and he would see the moon, I love that he would describe it to me as “it’s a gibbous moon” or “it’s a crescent moon”... not just “ a moon”.    As a mom, it really makes you happy that your child digest what you have taught them :)


Over the weekend, we made a hanging moon phases and placed it on our verandah.  I cut out the shapes of the phases and my son covered it with kitchen foil.

     DSC_0339 DSC_0343

Here they are... the phases of the moon all in silver!


Then I put it all together and hanged them for us to look at each night :)  The camera though cannot do justice on how good it looked during the day, especially when the sun would shine on it... it sparkles!


And the silhouette looks lovely too! 


I hope you enjoyed reading  my post.  These days, I really don’t have the luxury of time to make an update so I just try to post as much photos to describe what we did.  Till next time!

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