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Homeschool Wrap-Up (01.6 - 01.13)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

An overdue post due to lots of work. 

Color mixing


With the use of medicine dropper and food coloring.  He attempted to paint a car (left picture) using the his mixes.


Pink Series

We’ve been doing this almost every day.  Currently we’re doing the ‘objects and moveable letters’ and ‘objects and cards’.  Next week we’ll be doing the abstract version, that’s using picture cards instead of objects.  After which we also work on the worksheets for the Pink Series: beginning and ending sounds.

DSC_0081 (2)

Since I don’t have a printer, I just wrote these beginning and ending letters on a cardstock, covered it with a contact paper (I don’t own a laminator) and made him use a dry erase pen.  This way, we can always reuse our worksheets.

In case you want to know, here are objects for the Pink Series.



We learned about time and how to read it.  See my post here.

Then also had Addition for our Math. The concept here is similar to that of Montessori’s Addition Strip Board but instead we used blue and red bear counters.  I plant to make another set using printed materials whenever my son progresses fromthis.



We do this almost everyday.  He also request for his paints until we ran out of it :(


This week, we jumpstart our Plants and Flowers activities.  Read about it here.


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Teach Me Tuesday at Preschool Powol Packets

Update on our Pink Series

Saturday, January 14, 2012

We’ve been religiously working on our pink series for the past week.  Thanks to Amy of Wonder Years for posting what I needed to know about Pink Series

In a nutshell here are the activities we should do:

  1. Objects and Moveable Letters
  2. Moveable Letters and Picture Cards – will work on this once I have a printer
  3. Matching Objects and Word Cards
  4. Matching Picture Cards and Word Cards – will work on this once I have a printer
  5. Matching Picture Sheet and Word Cards – will work on this once we’re done with (1)
  6. Word Lists
  7. Sentence Cards and Picture
  8. Booklets
  9. Secret Words

And so far we only accomplished this:

Objects and Moveable Letters (homemade)


Objects and Word CardsP1030414

Then I added some exercises for the beginning and ending letter sounds.  I haven’t introduced the “middle” or vowel sound yet.

DSC_0079 (2)

And then here’s a little observation.  There are times that he would place the vowel at the very end of the word.  He gets everything right except for the positioning of the vowels. 



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Pink Reading Scheme: Object Boxes

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Aside from the Alpha Phonics Boxes, I also made my son Montessori’s Pink Scheme as part of our materials for language lesson.  Since my son has a thorough knowledge of the alphabets and knows each sound by heart, I decided to put this “knowledge” to a test.  He’s into letters for the past months and pretending to read words.  So it is just timely that I should introduce him to the basic step of reading... the cvc words (consonant-vowel-consonant).
My Pink series are composed of the following:
  1. Object Box (as shown on this post) and the reinforcement exercises.
  2. Picture Box
  3. Word List
  4. Sigh Words
  5. Phrase Strips
  6. Sentence Strips
This is how we use my pink series:
  1. I would lay out all the objects on the table and would name each object.  At first I would make Mavi repeat after me, but since he knew the objects already I would make him name it as I take each object from the box.
  2. I would take out a word card from the box and read it aloud.  I would emphasize the beginning and ending sounds of each letter on the cvc word.  Then I would as my son to make the first sound of the word, followed by the vowel and the end sound.
  3. When done I would give him the card and he would match it to the object on the table.  Then again, I would make him read the word before I proceed to the next word on the box.
  4. To make sure that these words and objects are indeed instilled in his memory, aside from the Montessorish way of teaching it, I also tend to take it out and just use each object to tell a story.  I just make sure that whenever I call out an object in the story I would also present the word card during the story telling.
P1010116SET 1:  pot, tag, bug, man, pin, red

P1010111SET 2:  cup, ram, car, pig, dog, hen
 P1010119SET 3:  log, yak, box, pen, bus, six

P1010131SET 4:  cow, hay, nut, lid, web, can

SET 5:  hog, bin, cat, pan, bun, key

P1010121SET 6:  bow, fan, peg, cap, sun, zip

P1010127SET 7:  van, net, wax, mop, fin, bud 

P1010106SET 8:  hat, gum, fox, ten, jug, cab
This is how the re-enforcement page looks like.  Each set of the pink scheme has one of this.  The aim here is for the little kiddo to match the word on the left side to the picture on the right side by drawing a line.