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Gonge River Stones And Why We Love Them

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Oh I can’t tell you how much we love these Gonge Riverstones!  I was really skeptic of these at first.  I mean, why purchase a plastic makeshift rocks when you have the entire backyard as a playground.  We don’t really need it.  Then as the boys were spending a lot of time in the yard these days, I realized that we don’t really have those flat rocks the boys can hop around with or use for play pretend.  I was thinking that if we can have those, the boys and I can play games involving gross motor and some relays.  So I decided to try the Gonge Riverstones.  They were on sale, and I picked them over the Gonge Hilltops because we already have three large rocks at the backyard which are way better than the plastic ones.  Anyway, I tell you, the moment these Gonge Riverstones arrived, it’s been non-stop play for the boys!  We liked them right away, and so does my husband!  This is my honest review of the river stones, and I bought this for our personal use and was not paid to do a review. 

Here are some reasons why we love it and totally recommend!

Getting the Most of Your Summer Holidays and {Learn & Play Link Up}

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

We're having Ocean themed activities soon so I'm featuring these amazing posts from our last week's link up for inspiration!

Summer Math Activities and {Learn & Play Link Up #8}

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Welcome to another week of  Learn & Play Link Up!  I know that we are all enjoying summer, savouring the heat and everyone just wanted to play.  But because we are settled in a place where we barely have summer (because it rains all the time here in Ireland!), I made sure that we have activities  indoor to have that summer “feel”. 

For this week in The Pinay Homeschooler, I’m featuring our Summer Themed Grid Number Games.  Mavi and I had a great time playing this while it was gloomy for an entire week! Sure the weather spoilt our plan for outdoor play but our grid game kept us entertained!  To know more about it, click the image below or here.

Now I’m going to feature 4 awesome math post from our beloved readers!

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FREE Summer Themed Grid Number Games

Friday, June 5, 2015

I love grid games! We used to play this a lot when Mavi was learning how to count. If you  haven't heard about it yet, the mechanics are pretty simple.

What you need:
  • die/dice
  • counters
  • grid game board
How to play:
Roll the dice. Identify the number on the die.  Count  that amount of counters and place each one on the picture in the grid.  Continue playing until you fill out the grid.

Subtraction Game:
For a little challenge, I added a twist! Instead of the conventional one, we played a subtraction game. We used two dice.  To play, roll the dice and subtract the small number from the bigger number value in the dice. Say die[1] = 4 and die[2] = 6.  So 6 - 4 = 2.  Take 2 counters and place it on the grid.

If you have die[1] = 5 and die[2] = 5, you get 0.  Therefore you will not have any counter in the grid. Whoever fills the grid first wins!  So if you get lots of 0, you will mostly lose the game.

I love how Mavi easily memorizes the number combination and the answer!
Such a brilliant way to keep him engaged and learn mathematics at the same time! And this can be played by multiple players as well how cool is that?!

Try it now! I've got 8 different grid games for 2 sizes (6x5 for older kids).