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Spanish 101

Saturday, July 7, 2012

We started learning Spanish last week.  Here, he’s learning numbers and colors in Spanish.  Since he knows how to read, he can easily match the labels both in English and in Spanish with the numerical number.DSC_0586



For colors, he already knows his verde, azul, amarillo and rojo.  The rest he still needs to learn them yet. So these days, we’re using Spanish whenever we talk about colors so he can get the hang of it.DSC_0590

I am surprise that he knows a LOT of Spanish words, thanks to Dora maybe LOL.

Books for Artists Study

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I miss our Artist Study.  Mavi enjoyed our Artist Study sessions.  This was when there was no Vito yet and when my hands are not full :)   Mavi is very much intrigued on the lives of some greatest artists, he loves to listen to their life stories and the paintings that they made.  I have attempted this a million times, to reboot this lessons but the baby is a big factor. We’ll just have to set this aside and revisit this once Vito can join us.


Now I made this post to introduce two sets of books that Mavi and I really really love and enjoyed reading.  I found these in our library… but of course they don’t have the complete set which I dream of owning someday.  They are for keeps :)

The first set of the books are from James Mayhew. The books are all about Katie, who loves to visit museums with her grandma and when no one is watching, the paintings come alive.  My son loves this idea of Katie going inside the painting and meeting the characters on it.    We’ve read some of it and here are our favourites arranged according to how much we like them.


The second set of books that we also love are from Laurence Anholt.  This time the stories are all about children meeting great artists.  The books are more focused on the artist’s life rather than the paintings they’re made.  Now these books are pretty popular in the library so they are seldom available.  I plan to purchase them as gifts later on.  As I said, these books are worth-it.

Books we’ve read from the series:


And there you go, my picks for studying great artists.  Hope you checkout the books using my affiliates.  Don’t worry, you won’t be charge or there’s no additional cost.  I will just earn a teeny weeny commission if you order through my links (affiliates).  And don’t hesitate to get your books from Book Depository because it is FREE DELIVERY NATIONWIDE.

Thank you and hope that this post helps.

Our Printable Materials for February

Friday, January 24, 2014

Hello everyone! I would like to announce 3 new materials that we will be using for the month of February.  If you are interested, just click on the images for the link and detailed description of each file.

Parts of the Human Body (new!) in English, Spanish, French and Deutsch

- contains 16 parts of the human body in FOUR different languages! 




Basic Human Body Systems (new!)

- this file contains 6 basic systems:  circulatory, respiratory, skeletal, digestive,muscular and nervous system.

 The Body Systems copy

The Internal Organs of the Human Body  (new!)

- the file includes 9 internal organs of the body: brain, pancreas, heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, stomach, small and large intestines.

 The Internal Organs copy

The Skeletal System

- the file has 16 parts of the skeletal system.

The Skeleton Preview

Hope you get a copy! Thank you!

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

My Adventure Book (North America Edition)

Monday, November 18, 2013

I'm happy to announce that My Adventure Book for North America is now available!  It covers three countries of North America:  Canada, Mexico and the United States.  My first release was Australia/Oceania and Mavi loved it.  We had a wonderful time learning all about Australia... and you can read about it here, here and here.

This is just in time to for a brief introductory of the United States for Mavi in this month of US Thanksgiving. And we'll also be using our Turkey Nomenclature and Definition Booklet to complete the theme :)

Page 1 

Each country in the file contains:

  • Fact sheet
  • Meaning and use of the country's flag and coat of arms
  • Maps of the country
  • Biomes and landmarks


  • Known animals existing on each country
  • Famous people
  • Famous cuisine/food
  • DIY postcards, images for coloring, postage stamps, immigration stamps for play pretend
  • And activity sheets
  • Spanish and French Salutation Flash Cards (For Mexico and Canada)


Here's how I keep them in clear folder.  We'll be working with Mexico tomorrow (Mavi's special request)


Hoping that you will try it!  Thank you!

For more FREEbies and learning aids, please check The Pinay Homeschooler Shop and Downloads.

On Writing Letters

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My son loves to write letters. He’s been doing it since last year. Though I am not sure how did it all started, but he has a thing of putting his thoughts and ideas in a piece of paper.  He might got this from me as I usually love to write and take down notes on pads and stationeries. Here are some of his written notes that I’d like to share:

A letter to Santa last Christmas.  I was surprise to see this in our tree a few weeks before Christmas. 

 252337_10151569985099689_1412784398_n This letter is for Maria, a Spanish girl from his class.   It reads “Dear Maria,  I’m your bestfriend forever. Come to my house.”



And this one, he made this for me last Friday.  He did this all by himself, I never asked him to make me a Valentines Day greeting but he did it on his own.  What touched me the most is when he wrote “For My Momy”.  I love it :)



Now that he is into writing letters, his interest in spelling has greatly increased. That’s why we’ve been having spelling for the past few days.  I’ll talk about it soon on a separate post.

Have a wonderful Valentines Day everyone!


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