Beginning a Plant Study with a Toddler

Sunday, March 20, 2016

The perfect way to introduce plants to a child/toddler is through awakening their interest and love of flowers.  Kids love flowers naturally.  We love to look at them, and occassionaly name the flowers as we see them in the road. 


Now that Vito appreciates trees and flowers, the next step is to inspire him with a desire to care for and preserve plants and flowers.  Here’s Vito’s early learning of plants!

We plucked some dafodils in the backyard and brought it home.


Once inside, we admired the flowers for a short, pointing the flower and the stem.  I told him that we should place the stems in the water immediately so I made him put some water into our vase.  I explained that flowers need water, just like Vito who loves to drink water.    This is an Ikea vase.

By the way, yes I am letting him use a real scissor, for kids.  That one is from Maped which I got from Singapore and for sure available everywhere or in Amazon.



Placing the flowers in the vase is art in itself.  I taught the boys that we need to trim down the stems and remove extra leaves so the flowers can fit well and stay comfortable in the vase.  In the picture above where Vito is placing dafodils, I marked the stems for him to cut.  For 2 years old, he can barely grasp the idea of flower arrangement but he loves cutting and putting the flower sticks in the vase (a good start!).  For older children like Mavi, I explained why we need to trim down the stems.  Our bottles turned vase here are from Kilner.plantstudytoddler

From here, we will conduct a series of experiments which will teach or expose Vito about the needs of plants. 

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  1. What a fabulous start to a botany unit!

  2. I love this unit study! So many beautiful flowers and learning ideas!