Animals of Antarctica Printable with Safari Toob Antarctica Set

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Have you seen Safari Toob Antarctic toob yet?  To me it’s one of the best toob they ever had!  I mean aside from penguins, can you name other animals that live in Antarctica?  Quite difficult right?  That’s why we are so happy that Safari Ltd finally came up with these figures so we can introduce our kids to other animals thriving in Antarctica other than penguins!  So if you have kids or students who love animals and learning about places, Safari Antarctica Toob is one good learning toy you can invest in.

Animals of Antarctica Printable with Safari Toob Antarctica Set
The toob set contains 10 animal figures, realistically made so that the child can easily visualize what the animals would look like in real life.  It contains penguins, seals, whales and albatross.  Don’t worry, some of these animals are new to me too, so it’s not just the kids that’s learning here but me as well!

Safari Toob Antarctica Set
Now years ago, I made these Animals of Antarctica learning cards for our geography studies.  I updated this file so it can now be used with the Antarctic Toob.  To those who purchased it already, or the bundle, you can now download it again using your account on Teachers Pay Teachers or Sellfy.  The fact cards are really helpful in learning about these animals!  Just in case your child asks about them, you have these information cards in hand.

Montessori Animals of Antarctica 3 Part Cards and Fact Cards
Animals of Antarctica Printable with Safari Toob Antarctica Set
This learning pack can be used with or without the animal figures so that families who doesn’t have the resource or access to these figures can still learn about the animals of Antarctica.  The picture below shows Vito using our Animals of Antarctica (3 part cards).  Yes, if you have no access to Safari Toobs or any any animal figures, use our 3 part cards.  It has high quality real images of Antarctica animals, your kids will love these!  (TIP: for best result, use photo quality paper for printing like this one)

Montessori Animals of Antarctica 3 Part Cards and Fact Cards
So aside from identifying, matching activities and discussing what these animals eat and do, the boys and I love using them in making small world and imaginative play using ice and water beads.  We often use ice to depict Antarctica but lately, we’ve been using a lot of our Grimm’s wooden toys for our imaginative play.  Here were are using the Grimm’s Grotto Wooden Cave and blocks from Stepped Pyramid.  We also use the figures with our Maps book.

Using our Maps Book
Grimm’s Grotto Wooden Cave
Grimm's blocks from Stepped Pyramid
We’ve been using Safari Toobs for years now and we love using them in our home, be it in homeschool or for play!


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