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Learning About Farm Families

Friday, May 12, 2017

I shared in my Instagram last week that Vito is obsessed with the concept of “mommy, baby, and daddy” thing.  He would always pair our animal figures into families and do play pretend.  This made me decided to introduce Vito to the farm animal families which I introduced to Mavi a long time ago (Farm Families - FREE Sorting Cards).  There’s a deeper explanation why we teach kids about animal families.  We teach kids to distinguish and describe objects to form them into bigger groups.   Commonly, we group inanimate objects according to their size, shape and color which is an easy task for the child.  But when it comes to real organisms with no definite shape, size and color, it is more difficult to recognize similar characteristics. 
. DSC_2512

Montessori Inspired Farm Activities for Preschoolers

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

It’s going to be an exciting month for Vito as we are learning about the farm and farm animals!  Kids are so fascinated with the farm, probably because of the domestic animals that can easily be identified and the fact that the farm is where we mostly get our food.  Early in life, the kids are educated that the milk comes from the cow, eggs from chicken, wool from sheep and etc.  At first, we visited a few farm animals in the zoo weeks ago.  We pet some goats, chicken, and seen some donkeys and cattle for Vito to experience.  We’ll be visiting a real farm this month too, and hopefully we’ll get to see some real farming work!

Now, for extension work, here are some activities I prepared for Vito at home to learn more about the farm.  We’re starting some of these already and you can see the photos in my Instagram account.  Please follow me there for real time activities!

Puzzles for Learning!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

One of the best tools for teaching spatial relationships are puzzles, of any form. So in our Farm Unit, I added some puzzle works for Vito. These materials were with us for a long time now and has been using them from time to time.Parts

Because Toddlers Can Make Butter Too!

Friends, I’d like to share this simple butter recipe that Mavi suggested (his school project).  A few weeks ago, they were learning about the lives of the Irish people during 1916 and one of which is learning how to make this “the old school way”.  This butter recipe is so easy to make, and surprisingly it ended up so delicious! Plus Vito even participated!


Milking a Cow for Toddlers

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I never knew that this could be fun!  My Vito enjoyed this activity so much that we did this a couple of times during the day.  Even big brother Mavi joined in the fun as well, trying to outshine each other on whoever gets to finish milking first.


Farm Animals Sort & Play

Monday, May 16, 2016

When I was planning for a Farm Unit, I wanted it to be simple because  it’ll be the week of our arrival from our trip. This means, we are all tired (especially me!), and I need time to do all the unpacking.  So my aim is still to provide activities to Vito with less preparation. 

Now, I made these playdough last month and yes, they’re still good!  The main objective of this play is to sort out the animal figures from Safari Toob and Shleich according to their “habitat”.


Collection of Farm Animal Activities for Toddlers (22 Months)

Friday, September 11, 2015

Last week Vito had a great time learning about farm animals.  I find it quite fascinating how my kids can easily learn a concept just by using animal figures.  It took me years to convince myself to invest in these animal figures.  We didn’t have them till Mavi was 3 years old.  Vito is lucky enough to be able to play with these at a very young age.  So from reading books and making sounds, I leveled up the learning approach to widen his vocabulary, learn phonic sounds, practise logic and more.

Here are Vito’s TOP 6 farm animal activities:

Farm Animal Beginning Letter Sounds
Identifying the beginning letter sound of each animals. 
Materials used: Hape Alphabet Puzzle, farm animal figures (Schleich Animals)
farm animal activities
farm animal activities
Rooster Craft
Read about this activity here, Simple Rooster Craft.
farm animal activities
Pouring, Transferring and Scooping Fruits
Vito enjoyed this a lot! He loves pouring the fruits here and there!  I was even surprised that he can identify the apple even if it’s green color!
farm animal activities
I suggest you use a mat, tray or rug when you work on this so that the fruits will not roll in the floor.
farm animal activities
Pig Mud Play
Materials used: pig figures from Safari Toobs, chocolate yogurt, spoon (he wouldn’t want to use his hand)
farm animal activities
Farm Animals Matching Cards
More details of this post here, FREE Farm Animals Matching Cards.
farm animal activities
Sheep and the Wool
I mentioned in my Rooster Craft that Vito loves using glue.  So we did work on the sheep craft and used cotton balls as wool.
farm animal activities
farm animal activities
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Simple Rooster Craft and {Learn & Play Play Link Up}

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Vito and I are doing lots of new things since September started and one of which is trying out some simple crafts for motor skills development and sensory play.  

Since we’re having farm animals this week… we made a colorful-feathered rooster.  We call this in the Phils “sarimanok”, a mythical legendary creature that symbolizes the closeness to the spiritual being of the native people.

Materials are pretty simple:

  • colored craft feathers
  • glue
  • a coloring page of a rooster
  • corn kernels (optional)

Let your little one apply glue to the picture.  I suggest this kind of glue, with bigger mouthpiece so it will be easy for them to squeeze out the glue.


Don’t restrict, just allow them apply the glue anywhere they want (as long as it is within the tray).    This large tray is from Ikea.  Did you know that by using the glue, they learn the concept of cause and effect? Squeezing it results to glue coming out. My son loves watching the glue drops from the mouthpiece!


And Vito loves opening and closing the the container. Open-mouthed smile

                                              DSC_0009  DSC_0029


Place the feather into the image.



Put corn kernels on it as well if its available.


My Vito often stops and observes his hand for stains, dirt or anything that sticks on it. 


And here it is.. my Vito’s first craft ever! We admired his work afterwards, and he even showed it to Mavi and the Dad.  Love that he is showing a sense of accomplishment at a young age.


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I’d love to try any of these activities for my youngest this season!


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FREE Farm Animals Matching cards

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

We are having a Farm Unit this week and Vito is loving these farm animals matching cards.  This is the first time we’re using matching cards.


I’m using the 3 period lesson for this.  To know more about it read it here.


He was attentive for the first four animals and wouldn’t settle right after.  I took that as a sign of tiredness so we need to stop and did it the next day.  And yes, he’s was still interested and even knows the routine of rolling the rug and placing the cards!


I am loving this wonder years stage!  This is how I set up our materials. Just place all our animals in a basket together with the cards. You can get animal figures as big as these from Schleich.


If you would like to own a copy, you can download the cards from here.  Hope you find it useful!

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