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Thanksgiving Themed Rhyme and Beginning Letter Sound BINGO Game

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

My 4 years old absolutely loves our Thanksgiving rhyme and beginning letter BINGO game!  He loves rhyming words, so I just have to come up with some activity to feed this interest.  Since we’ve been exploring beginning letter sounds, I also added this to our game.

Thanksgiving Themed Rhyme and Beginning Letter Sound BINGO Game

The Alphabet Sound Books for Learning Letters

Monday, October 23, 2017

I am so excited to share our Alphabet Sound Books!  Vito is currently in a sensitive period for letters and I knew I just have to provide him with these booklets which I also made for Mavi years ago when he was learning his letters.

Alphabet Sound Books for Learning Letters

B4FIAR: Jesse Bear What Will You Wear

Sunday, September 10, 2017

We are continuing our Five in a Row because Vito is loving some of the stories in the book list.  In this post, I’m sharing activities to go along with the Jesse Bear What Will You Wear by Nancy White Carlstrom.  Note, I only make or prepare activities in line with the books that he loves.  So when I read Jesse Bear to him, he immediately love it because he can relate to the story.  He has routines too similar to Jesse Bear (playing, eating and waiting for Daddy) and staying with his Mom all day. 

B4FIAR: Jesse Bear What Will You Wear
Anyway here are the activities we worked on to explore the subject areas of Jesse Bear What Will You Wear.  Note, this was a 2-week long of rowing.  The activities here were mostly done in the morning and we only worked on one activity a day, and the rest we spend it outdoors or Vito would do something else (like work on his traditional Montessori materials).

Building Words with the Moveable Alphabet and Objects

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Vito is 43 months old.

I am so excited to share that we’ve finally started building words using our moveable alphabet!  I had fun working this with Mavi long time ago and I can’t believe I’m doing this again with Vito.  This is the part of Montessori language arts that I love the most, teaching kids how to read! In my previous post, I talked about how we are using objects and miniatures in learning about letter sounds which is essential in reading


Beginning Reading: Language Objects and Activities

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Language activities are a favourite in the house now as Vito’s interest in reading has peaked.  We are using language objects more often to practise letter sounds through games (aside from sandpaper letters).  These language objects that we have were collected through the years, starting from Mavi’s time and it has been very useful now in Vito’s journey on beginning reading.


Beginning Letter Phonics Cards

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Hello everyone! I wanted to share with you Vito’s current favourite printable, our Beginning Letter Phonics Cards.  You might have seen these in some of my letter-themed post.  These are card strips which contain letters and their corresponding objects (real images matching the  beginning letter sound).  The product comes in two sets: control cards and the activity cards.  Below is a glimpse of how we use the materials, which Vito would work on every day (sensitive period for letters)!

Beginning Letter Phonics Cards

Montessori Inspired Phonics Mystery Bag Game

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Vito is 40 months old.


I’m always in search of new learning games and activities to try with Vito.  Vito is quite a challenge.  He’s a little bit picky with activities, he always wants it to be interesting, some sort of a game.  He is currently in a sensitive period with letters, always singing the song, identifying letters in books, pretending to read words, completing his alphabet puzzles and more.  He knows the letter sounds and can identify uppercase and lowercase, so I’m moving forward to phonics and CVC reading practise in our language activities at home.  To start with, we are practising how to identify beginning letter sound of “objects” in picture format.  I know, I should be doing objects, but Vito is always distracted with objects.  He sees them as toys, not a language learning material. We don’t get things done whenever I use objects because we end up playing.  So I’m sticking with picture cards for the moment, it’s working on his part.  Whenever he sees a picture card, he would name it and emphasize the beginning letter sound.  This was our first try, and we’ve been doing this activity occasionally.  Lately, I acquired an extra tiny bag from my Stereognostic material and I made use of it in this game.  We often use moveable alphabet but Vito insisted to use the Hape Uppercase Puzzle (he loves this puzzle!).


Alphabet Sorting Game

Friday, January 27, 2017

Vito is 38 months old.

I am so excited that I finally found a way to keep Vito engaged in the alphabet sorting activity.  You see we always sort out objects according to their letter sound (see it here), but my problem is that Vito is more interested with the objects rather than participating in the activity.  The moment I opened the box for us to sort, he would take away one object at a time and he refuses to do the activity and would play instead.  Now this is fine, I have no problems with it.  In fact, this happened to Mavi too.  I let them play with the objects first but then would ask them to participate in the activity right after.  It was temporary for Mavi, he loved sorting objects according to beginning letters rather than playing with them.  As for Vito, it’s different.  He is still in a stage of being “playful” so our sorting activities are sometimes a struggle.  He knows how to do it, but refuses because of the object.

My solution:  I tried using a printed image instead of the objects and tada, he finished everything in a matter of seconds!  With this, we are going to work on printed materials for now, and maybe mix it with objects occassionally just to test whether he has overcome his obsession with tiny figures. 


How To Use the Montessori Sandpaper Letters

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Vito is 36 months old.

Our sandpaper letter set has finally arrived (yehey before Christmas!) and it’s been a favourite ever since! If you follow me on Instagram, I recently showed a picture of Vito working with Schleich animals and sandpaper letters.  But that’s just one activity we can do with the letters, the main use for this is for Vito to use it as a tool in writing practise. 

Language Lessons for Preschoolers: RAMFBITG

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Vito is 36 months old.

Vito is currently working hard learning his letters, sounds, and expanding his vocabulary. Due to weather constraint we are mostly stuck at home, therefore the lack of outdoor nature studies. So our mornings are mostly spent for his “homeschool”.  We are busy reading books, learning letters, doing writing, and practical life activities.

In this post, I would like to share Vito’s language lessons which you can try in your homes as well.  Remember my post on booklets?  I mentioned in the post that at home we’re learning letters and their sounds in groups (color coded).  First group is RAMF-BITG, second is CUSN-POLH and lastly DEXQY-WXZKVJ.  This idea came from My Montessori Journey, one of my favourite blogs dated back in 2010.  Read more about this grouping here.

Language Lessons for Preschoolers: RAMFBITG

Preschool Letter A

Monday, September 19, 2016

This was the week that Vito wasn’t in the mood to work on any letter activity. Yes, it happens.  You can see the result of it in his work, which you will see when you scroll down.  But anyway, I just wanted to share these activities and the materials we used so you will know where to get some alphabet sheets resources.

Letter A

Beginning Sounds Through Language Objects

Sunday, May 22, 2016

This week, Vito and I are exploring beginning letter sounds through objects we can find at home.  This is very similar to the Alphabet Sort Montessori Inspired activity, but in our case we are not sorting the objects yet.  What Vito and I are doing is to just  name or identify the objects and match them to our control sheet.


FREE Alphabet Cards

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

I’ve been searching high and low for alphabet cards doesn’t have cliparts or pictures in them but I can’t find one.  So I made one for Vito as he usually gets distracted with images.  The sole purpose of these cards is for him to familiarize with LOWERCASE letters. He knows their sounds, all of the 26 letters but can’t recognize some of the lowercase, thus these cards are born!
Alphabet Cards

Favourite Phonic Games

Monday, March 21, 2016

I always find it hard to get Vito to do alphabet activities with me.  Mavi was already learning how to spell 2.5 years old and although Vito knows the letters and sounds they make, he’s still not at it when it comes to doing the activities.


So I started reading my favourite blogs (since 2010) and came across these activities from  These activities requires movements which Vito loves to do to keep him engaged in alphabet activities.

Object Baskets for I to P

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

** contains affiliate links **

This object basket series has been a popular post and I’m glad that it gave so much inspiration to all Moms and homeschoolers.  Before the year ends, I’m sharing with you our second set of the object baskets and this includes letters I to P.  But before you dig into this post, I suggest that you read the first part of this series to understand what it is for and how we use them at home for learning.

Object Baskets I to L

I Basket: foam letter , upper and lowercase letter, iguana, insects, ice, island 

J Basket: foam letter, upper and lowercase letter, jeans, jigsaw puzzle, jug

K Basket: foam letter, upper and lowercase letter, kangaroo,  knife, keys

L Basket: foam letter, upper and lowercase letter, leaves, lion, lemon, DIY sandpaper letter


Letter IJKLObject Baskets I to L

M Basket: foam letter, upper and lowercase letter, medicine, monster, monkey, DIY moon

N Basket: foam letter, upper and lowercase letter, nuts, nine, DIY sandpaper letter, necktie

O Basket: foam letter, upper and lowercase letter, owl, orange, oval, DIY sandpaper letter

P Basket: foam letter, upper and lowercase letter, pig, pens, paint, DIY sandpaper letter

Letters MNOP

This is my guide for next year’s activities on learning letters.  This will be fun!

For letters A to H, click the images below:



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For product links:

Object Baskets for Letters A to H

Sunday, November 29, 2015

** contains affiliate links **
I’ve been working hard for the past days organizing our object baskets for Vito’s phonics practice.  Vito knows his alphabet and numbers, he names half of the alphabet with their phonics sound.  Like he calls letter B as “bah”, and H as “huh”.  I guess this is the result of me teaching Vito the sound first, before the name of the letter itself. Something like “this is mmmmmmm, M” or “this is ssssssss, S”. 

What is an Object Basket

These are baskets that contain a letter along with 3 dimensional objects to match to the letter by beginning sound.  The concept behind this is similar to the object boxes of Montessori (for reading)  , but we are not going there yet.  The object baskets are simply for exploration, vocabulary and learning phonic sounds.

Assembling the Object Basket

Each of my basket has an uppercase and lowercase letter.  We are using the letters from Hape Uppercase and Lowercase puzzles and the Munchkin foam bath letters.  I wanted to add the magnetic letters from Melissa & Doug but I was thinking that there’s too much letters in basket already, so I’ll just reserve those for my future object boxes (reading). 

I wanted to add sandpaper letters but mine is a DIY years ago and its incomplete. I plant to get a set this Christmas as gift to self LOL but still waiting for the discounted price (hoping!).
Gathering objects is the most exciting part.  I would search in the kitchen, bedroom and my kids’ toys for appropriate objects to add in the basket.  Since Vito is only 2 years old, I limit the number of objects in the basket, maybe 3 – 5 only.  They don’t have that stamina and attention span for 10 objects so better keep it simple and avoid overwhelming the little ones. 

Object Baskets from Letters A to H

So I just completed these baskets, took photos and print the set so that it’s easier for me to assemble once we start with the activity (we’ll do this after the holidays).  Will display this on top of our shelf and worked on it after we do our daily routine of reading books.

A Basket:  alligator, ambulance, A foam letter, apple, A picture booklet
B Basket:  book, banana, block, B foam letter  and B picture booklet
C Basket: cow, carrots, C foam letter,  car and C picture booklet
D Basket:  dinosaur, diaper, Duplo, DIY sandpaper letter, letter D

E Basket: eye (McDonalds), elephant, egg (McDonalds), DIY sandpaper letter
F Basket: feather, four, letter F, upper and lowercase F, fork, flower, fish, fence, DIY sandpaper letter
G Basket: grapes, giraffe, goggle, upper and lowercase F, F foam letter,  DIY sandpaper letter
H Basket:  upper and lowercase F, DIY sandpaper letter, horse, heart, hanger, hippo, hammer, H foam letter
Ideally, we will work for on one letter a week, but this doesn’t always happen.  So I usually schedule the next change of basket after 2 weeks.  I am still gathering up objects for my second batch.  Hopefully I can finish it soon so I can share it with you.  And that’s it for the first set of my object baskets! Stay tuned for second set from I to P Smile

Hope you find this inspirational!

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Alphabet Sensory Bin

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

My greatest challenge as of the moment is how to make Vito interested in letters. Of course he loves them, but not in the way that Mavi does.  I know, I shouldn’t compare… reason why I try to give him stimulating and fun activities to get him interested in letters.  It was different during Mavi’s time.  Mavi had my undivided attention while with Vito, I feel that he always get the short end of the stick.  Good thing Mavi is now back in school so  I have time to focus on Vito in the mornings (in the midst of chores!).



  • To kids, this is just play and children learn best when they are happy, enjoying and stimulated. 
  • Understanding what the letter represents by making a sound
  • Hand muscle exercise as a result of grasping and digging through the bowl of rice
  • Letter recognition by feeling the letters, ingraining the picture of the letters in their minds
  • Early discrimination skills (for matching)
  • Sensorial experience influence the development of brain pathways, thus it improves mental capacity to learn

How it works:

Hide the letters (foam, magnetic or wooden letters) in a bowl of rice (or beans) and let your little ones find them.


Dig dig dig! While they can use scoops or other materials, I prefer using their bare hands for the ultimate sensory experience!  As they discover the letter, let them feel it and I would sound it for him to follow.  As an extension, I made him match the letters to the one written on the paper as he loves matching.



He was so fascinated with the rice sticking on his hand!


Oh boy he was hooked! He had so much fun digging through the rice and and discovering the letters! Simple and easy to prepare isn’t it?

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Letter Themed Activities and Learn & Play Link Up #2

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Vito and I has started our letter sound of the week activities.  I guess most of you are already familiar with it.  It’s basically a curriculum wherein you introduce and focus on one letter sound a week.  It’s a famous curriculum used for ages 2 – 4 years old (or below).  I used this with Mavi and was totally effective, so I decided to do it as well with Vito. 

I’ve gathered fun letter activities from our previous linkup and you can try any of these to your kids.  They are fun, engaging and easy to prepare!   You will find the links after the image.

Linky 2

Featured Posts for Spring Flowers this Week:

B is for Boat from Every Star is Different

T is for Transportation Unit from Study at Home Mama

U is for Underground, Montessori Inspired Homeschool for Toddlers Star Themed, Dog Themed Unit  from Golden Reflections Blog

F is for Fire: Teaching Phonic Sounds from Study at Home Mama

For this week on The Pinay Homeschooler, I am featuring Vito’s Letter ‘a’ Sound Activities.

Letter A FB


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    Letter ‘a’ Sound Activities

    Monday, April 27, 2015

    Letter A FB We've started our letter sound of the week activities a few weeks ago. Vito is 18 months and based on my observation, he is ready to learn letter sounds as he started to say a few words and can mimic letter sounds as I say it to him. 

    This letter of the week curriculum is basically not new.  There are a lot of variations out there on teaching one letter a week.  However, I have come up with my own activities and method of implementing it.   I have used this curriculum with Mavi and it has worked for us so I am using it again with Vito.  The order of the letter sound that I am going to introduce to Vito by default is from a to z (with emphasis on the small letter) but of course it may change as we progress depending on his needs, interest and availability of materials.

    For those who are new to this, the basic idea is to focus on only one letter sound at a time (a week or more). Instead of having a specific theme that corresponds to a letter sound, we will try to use all the objects in our Letter Sound Basket in our activities to add variety. I also added tray works that introduce basic concepts like colours, shapes and numbers.

    Okay some of you might ask me how we do this? Well on a daily basis here’s our schedule we work most of these in the morning, after reading books.  One to two activities a day for about 15 minutes in the morning and if he’s into it in the afternoon, then we do another one.  Afternoon activities are sometimes skipped, as he prefers playing with big brother. What is mostly achieved in the afternoon is reading books as we do it all together, while cuddling in bed.

    *** I added links to all the materials we are using here so you will have an idea where to get it.  They are affiliate links, no extra cost on you if you decide to purchase them. ***


    Letter ‘a’ sound basket.  Contains the objects we used and the letters.  In here you see an ambulance, alligator, apples, big letter A from Munchkins, magnetic letter A/a from Melissa & Doug (this was Mavi’s and an all time favourite!) and my homemade sandpaper letter.


    Letter ‘a’ craft.  I made a small letter a on a piece of cardstock and have Vito stamp it with Do-a-Dot markers.  Once dry, I cut it out and form it into an apple.  I pinned this in our learning wall.  By the way, these markers are really really good! We’ve used them in so many ways and they were still Mavi’s! Can you believe that?? It lasted for so many years without drying!

    Note:  Vito enjoyed this activity so much.  He can stamp more letter a’s than I could have imagine LOLDSC_0067Apple 1:1 correspondence.  Using the IKEA Ice Tray and Learning Resource Fruit Counters, this 1:1 correspondence teaches little ones basic math concept.  I count as Vito places a green apple in the moulder.  

    Note:  This is one activity that stayed in the shelf for two weeks. Vito loves putting the apples into the moulder and putting them back again in the container.  Sometimes he would spill them and put them back again. We do this activity almost every day to introduce counting.


    Alligator peg board.  Because alligator have sharp teeth, we use this FantaColor peg board to practice fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination.  Can Vito really insert the pegs in the hole? Well it is a hit or miss! And that’s what’s good about it, he keeps on trying :D  Our version is the portable one that comes with a bag and with different peg sizes.  I chose this so both Vito and Mavi can use it.  The alligator is from Schleich (oh he loves this!).

    Note:  As mentioned, this activity is a hit or miss. There were times he loves doing this because he can easily pin the pegs… but he gets impatient and lose interest when he can’t pin them in the hole.DSC_0075

    Circle shape sorter.  The shape for this week is circle, since it is the closest shape to an apple.  We used our Playskool Shape Sorter  (this was Mavi’s) and we only use the circle shape. As I mentioned previously, one at a time.  So here, just the circle shape so he can easily identify which hole and will not be overwhelmed. 

    Note: This technique has worked with Mavi and it worked with Vito as well. 

    DSC_0953Gluing circles.  I’m hitting three birds in one stone here, sensorial activity while learning the circle and red colour.  We did this a couple of times, first using liquid glue and the other glue stick.  He doesn’t like both LOL But he loves putting the cut-out circle shapes in the big circle. 

    Note: While doing this activity, I would say “this is a circle”, “let’s stick the red circles in the big circle”.  Mention the key words like “circle”, “red”, “stick” or “glue”. As mentioned, Vito doesn’t like the feel of blue or something sticky. But that’s okay, Mavi was like that too.  It’s part of learning right?


    Eating apples.  Of course, snacks include apples!

    Note: What could say? He loves eating!

    DSC_0083Green and red colour. I’ve been introducing colours since Vito turned 1, and even though we still work on our red basket, I still include colour sorting in our weekly activities so he can differentiate the two colours.  Here I used craft pompoms to be sorted out. He doesn’t sort, I do most of it.  I’ll try first, showing what to do and let him try a few. 

    Note:  Again, hit or miss here.  There were times he’s doing it right, and sometimes he randomly puts them anywhere.  He loves our green and red apples the best though :D


    Ambulance prints.  Vito loves paints and we do painting as much as possible.  We are using Giotto Bebe fingerpaints, which I totally love because it doesn’t have a smell! And I love how creamy the paints are. 

    Note: Another favourite in the house!  He can do this for around 30 minutes uninterrupted. But be sure to keep an eye on the kids. Even if the paints used is non-toxic and washable, these still are not edible!

    Recommended books that will go along with it:

    Now, see them all in action!

    Letter A Activities

    Don’t forget to pin this for later!

    Letter A Sound

    Language Materials for 6yrs Old

    Saturday, April 25, 2015

    ** Contain affiliate links **

    This an update of Mavi’s language materials.  I try my best to spend at least 20 minutes on Mavi (one-on-one) whenever I need to discuss a new subject.  After which, he works independently using the worksheets.

    These are the language materials I picked for him to use at home.


    First Language Lessons (Vol1)

    This was the first book I got for Mavi.  I love the depth of the book and I must say a good book to introduce grammar to a child. The only setback is that it is repetitive. Noun is discussed in almost half of the book. I have to skip a few chapters because of that.  But somehow, it worked for Mavi.  We have not opened this book for ages, yet he still remembers what is a noun, a proper noun and a common noun.  He can still memorize the poems in the book!  The memorization work here is amazing! 

    Success with Grammar by Scholastic

    Simplicity at its best! I like how straightforward this book is (brief description) and has lots of great activities afterwards (sheets).  My son loves the outlined pictures because he can colour them :)  Hopefully we can move on to Grade 2 before next school year.

    Reading Comprehension by Scholastic

    This is important to me.  Mavi is a good reader and it would be put to waste if I will not help him comprehend and understand what he is reading.  We barely used this book as of the moment as we’ve been busy for the past weeks.  We usually do this before bedtime.  We read the story and do the activity the next day.

    Homemade Montessori Grammar Symbols

    I seldom use this as Mavi is not fond of using them.  I only get to use the symbols (for now) whenever I needed to introduce a new topic.

    Jolly Phonics Grammar 1

    I use this mainly for spelling, as English spelling in UK and Ireland is different in the US. This is the standard curriculum used in Britain and Ireland.

    So how we schedule our grammar/language lessons?

    As I said, about 20 minutes a day afterschool if I need to discuss a new topic. But for independent work no time limits, as long as he finishes his tasks before bedtime :D 

    You can also purchases these at Amazon, but if it is not available in your area, I prefer Book Depository because of its free shipping.  They have the same rate anyway.

    More language activities here: