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The Montessori Number Rods

Monday, March 6, 2017

I love Montessori math materials.  They are so engaging and well thought of that  the child can easily absorb concepts and retain what is learned.  Take for example this Number Rods which I recently  introduced to Vito.  We are mostly using counters in our math activities, it’s more abstract and quantitative.  With Number Rods, counting here is more linear and sequential. My goal was for Vito to learn:

  • how to sequence  ‘one’ to ‘ten’ (they form a staircase)
  • to understand the value of each number


B4FIAR: Harold and the Purple Crayon

Friday, March 3, 2017

I love book extension activities.  This is one of the reasons why I enjoy doing Before Five In a Row with the boys.  So when I introduced the book Harold and the Purple Crayon, I knew that its a story that we can explore beyond than just reading.  The book itself is enjoyable to read, engaging and the boys found it funny.  Vito was glued to it for a long time.  At times, he would even “pretend” to read it by himself, mimicking how I read it to him at night. 

If you love this book, or if you plan to get one (highly recommended!) I listed below the areas of learning we touched by just  doing this simple easy to set-up activities:DSC_3807

Montessori Inspired Land, Air and Water Transportation Cards

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Vito is 39 months old.

Montessori Inspired Land, Air and Water Transportation Cards
My kids are obsessed with vehicles, but I think most boys are!  They love their Bruder trucks and figures from Safari Toobs which they use a lot in pretend play and play-based learning.  When Mavi borrowed this amazing book from the library (DK Visual Encyclopedia of Vehicles) Vito can’t stop identifying the vehicles in the book.  It’s either he would ask us around (what’s this?), or identify the toys he own and match it to the pictures.  It’s pretty amazing how much interest he has shown!  To widen his vocabulary and knowledge of vehicles, I created cards for him so we can start with the Montessori three lesson period and later on, do some sorting.

Animals Around the World Activity

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Vito is 39 months old.

Animals Around the World Activity

There is nothing more precious in this world than seeing your kids work together peacefully LOL.  During the midterm break, I prepared some activities which both of them can participate in.  It’s not just about the academics, but my main purpose is for them to learn how to work together as a team and bond as brothers.  So aside from learning about flowers, the boys also explored the animals of the world using our Montessori Inspired Animal Continents Activity Sheets.  Mavi was so ecstatic to do this with Vito as he loves animals (he said he’s an expert) and geography.

Montessori Inspired Parts of a Flower Activities

Thursday, February 23, 2017

This midterm break (for Mavi), I’m trying to setup activities that both of the boys (3 and 8 years old) can participate in.  One of which is learning about flowers and what they are made of.  Now, even though Mavi has done this a lot of times already (when he was 4, when he was 6) , he’s still eager to do this activity with his little brother.  This is something new for me though, doing the activity with two boys, making sure that it is engaging to the little one, but at the same time able to relay information to my 8 years old.  Anyway, you can skim through the post to see how I made the boys work together in the activities I prepared for them.


Montessori Inspired Trays for St. Patrick’s Day (FREE Printables)

Monday, February 20, 2017

Are you observing St. Patrick’s Day? We do! It’s usually one of the most colorful time in Ireland, where everyone is just so happy and festive.  Anyway, with all the green and rainbow decors around, I’m preparing Montessori working trays for Vito as we approach the celebration of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland.  Mavi will be doing a lot of work for St. Patrick’s in his school so I spared him from this.  My aim here is to introduce Vito to the symbols of the celebration and he’ll be exploring these in our activities.


Hands-On Learning on Common Flowers

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentines Day season is always the time wherein the boys and I would talk about flowers.  Not just because it is Valentines Day, but this is basically the time wherein we get to see spring flowers starting to bloom out from their buds.  We see them everywhere, in the backyard and front lawn, parks and of course in our neighbors’ houses.  My knowledge on flowers is very limited, I only knew of some tropical flowers from my country and Asian countries.  Of course, there’s always the rose, tulip and orchids… but no, I haven’t heard of daffodils, crocus and poppies not until I stepped foot in Europe.

Hands-On Learning on Common Flowers

Educational Puzzles for Preschoolers

Monday, February 13, 2017

Because I’m often asked of the puzzles we use at home, I’m sharing what we have here to give you an idea on what my preschooler loves.   Some of these puzzles are way too advanced for Vito, so we usually start working the puzzles together.  But as he gets used to the material, he would at times insist on working it on his own and occasionally would ask for assistance. 
*We own all of the puzzles in the pictures below. 

Montessori Inspired ASIA Continent for Preschoolers

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Vito is 39 months old.

Montessori Inspired ASIA Continent Study for Preschoolers

This month, I’m helping Vito explore the Asia continent .  We’ve started continent study last year, which was followed by an exploration of the penguins in Antarctica.  We occasionally look at Maps and work on the continent puzzle, and based on my observation, Vito is ready to learn about Asia.

Animal Skin Covers Sensorial Matching Activity for Preschoolers

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Spontaneous activity that Vito decided to work on this morning.  You’re seeing my Animals Skin Covers Matching Cards being used with Schleich and Safari Toob animal figures.  Vito enjoyed this activity so much that he kept on doing this over and over again!  And you know what else happened?

Animals Skin Covers Matching Cards

Montessori Sensorial Activity The Pink Tower

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Vito is 39 months old.

Montessori Sensorial Activity The Pink Tower

We fell in love with the Montessori Sensorial Pink Tower right after we unboxed it!  I observed that Vito has a liking in blocks and patterns, so we’ve been using the Pink Tower almost everyday recently. And just when I thought that this is just an ordinary material of stacking and building a tower, I was totally wrong. This is one of the Montessori materials I should have bought early on when Mavi was just a toddler/preschooler.  I thought of exhausting the use of the Pink Tower with Vito so he will fully obtain the benefits out of this amazing material.

Alphabet Sorting Game

Friday, January 27, 2017

Vito is 38 months old.

I am so excited that I finally found a way to keep Vito engaged in the alphabet sorting activity.  You see we always sort out objects according to their letter sound (see it here), but my problem is that Vito is more interested with the objects rather than participating in the activity.  The moment I opened the box for us to sort, he would take away one object at a time and he refuses to do the activity and would play instead.  Now this is fine, I have no problems with it.  In fact, this happened to Mavi too.  I let them play with the objects first but then would ask them to participate in the activity right after.  It was temporary for Mavi, he loved sorting objects according to beginning letters rather than playing with them.  As for Vito, it’s different.  He is still in a stage of being “playful” so our sorting activities are sometimes a struggle.  He knows how to do it, but refuses because of the object.

My solution:  I tried using a printed image instead of the objects and tada, he finished everything in a matter of seconds!  With this, we are going to work on printed materials for now, and maybe mix it with objects occassionally just to test whether he has overcome his obsession with tiny figures. 


Montessori Inspired February Activities for Preschoolers

Friday, January 20, 2017

Vito is 39 months old.
Thank goodness January is almost over!  I really don’t like January, it’s that time of the year where we get to experience the worst weather condition.  Fortunately, we have fair weather this year, it’s actually warm!  But, I am so looking forward to spring now, and I can’t wait for all these gloomy days to be over.  And speaking of spring, this month, I’ll start adding “spring” activities into our homeschool activities.  We will be using traditional Montessori materials for most part and in some, we’ll have themed activities.  Hope you like what I prepared for Vito for this month.

Christmas Themed Activities

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Due to my work loads and activities, I’ve been missing here in the blogosphere for quite a while.  It’s a good thing I take pictures though, and organize it weekly in that way I can easily track and document them easily. 

So here are some of the “Christmas” themed activities we did for the past few days, most of which are Montessori related.

Sorting pony beads using a tweezer.  Surprisingly, he finished it without my assistance considering that this is his first time to use a tweezer.


Scooping red and green pompoms using a milk powder scoop.


Stringing pony beads by colors using pipe cleaners.


He finished all of it breezily!


One time I caught him doing this to our hand towel.  I asked him what he’s doing and told me “I’m ironing.  Just like Lola Merlit.” (Lola Merlit means Grandma Merlit) .  This is a surprise because the last time we were home (my parent’s house) was July.  He still remembers what his Grandmother do at home!


Peeling foam stickers during our Alpha Christmas Countdown.


I am still on the process of learning how to organize some of these stuff properly.  Currently, I am collecting food coloring so I can create colored pasta and at the same time do some color mixing activities.

Wishing everyone a happy Tuesday!

Montessori Monday Teach Me Tuesday at Whole Child Creative Curriculum  linkandlearn-150x150

Homeschool Wrap-Up (12.5 – 12.9)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It’s so difficult these days to keep up with blogging!  Since I still work (at home) I always procrastinate updating my blog and would rather playing with the little one.  

Here are the things we did last week.

Instead of doing Advent Calendar, we made letter crafts for our Christmas Countdown.  I talked about it here.


Lots of writing activity.


We talked about polar bears.  This Usborne Beginner’s book has wonderful book about polar bears.  It’s been my son’s favorite since I got it for him. 


I also made control cards based on our Arctic Toob for matching game.


For math, I downloaded these penguins activity cards from Making Learning Fun.  Here, Mavi is learning how to measure the temperature by reading the thermometer:)  On the other picture, Mavi is practicing his learning skills by feeding the penguins with “candies”.


He worked on his number puzzle.



We also did some patterning activities using printables from 2 Teaching Mommies.


Aside from reading books and learning to read words using this, we also worked on our Alpha Phonics Boxes... by sorting objects starting with letters ‘dejyjkwvz’.


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Alpha Christmas Countdown

Friday, December 9, 2011

Since we’re not doing any Advent calendar this year, I was wondering what we could do in the spirit of Advent.  Was doing some research online and I came across this wonderful blog Little Family Fun and learned about her Christmas ABC’s countdown. It was a superb idea! I love it because it’s simple and needs less time of preparation. 
My son and I loves working this project together!
I’m liking this to:  

Art in Letters

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My son has difficulty writing lowercase letters.  He loves to write, and every time he does, he uses uppercase letters and wouldn’t want to write the lowercase.  Somehow, he isn’t confident writing it as he gets confused with all the curves and twirls lowercase letters make.

So my target as of this moment is to give him  A LOT of penmanship exercises of lowercase letters aside from our usual Kumon Write and Wipe.  I know that kids his age gets bored of using materials over and over again... so I try to vary my approach so to preserve his interest.  I discovered this from Adventures of Bear...  and as Julie would describe it “the child traces the outline over and over each time with a different color until the template is filled.”

Here’s my son doing letter a to g.  We’re doing one letter at a time, but he keeps asking for more that’s why we reached letter g.  I plan to give 2-3 letters each day if he asks for it.



The colors would have been apparent if we used his Crayola Pipsqueaks instead of Crayola crayons  like what we did a few months ago (old blog).  But anyway he enjoyed practicing and we’ll be doing this till we reach letter z.


Homeschool Wrap-Up (11.28 – 12.2)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sharing pictures of what we did last week (aside from reading books).  We only worked a few activities as to most days, he prefers playing alone... pretending to be Mister Maker. 


  • We practiced reading of word families for ‘ot’ and ‘ow’
  • Identifying beginning and end letters for our CVC words.  This is still part of our Pink Series unit.  I was hoping to wrap this up by the end of 2011 but by the way I I see it, he still has difficulty identifying ending letters.  We will be doing this activity a lot so he can practice learning ending sounds.



We sort his toys whether they are magnetic or not.  Oh he loved this activity!


Then we did the 3-part card for Turtle I bought this from Montessori Print Shop.  Supposedly, this is for our Pond Unit but since I didn’t have much resources to go along with the theme, I just whipped a few turtle-related activities.


Learned about the Life Cycle of a Turtle



Turtle sizing activity. 


Turtle jumping game using number cards.  Here I would tell him whether to jump by 2’s or 3’s or at times, I would just command him to jump to a certain number.  Great way to learn numbers, counting and to have fun using motor skills.


I don’t know the name of this game but this is certainly a favorite during parties and get together in the Philippines.  Here, I placed the same Turtle number cards on the floor, then have my son followed my instructions.  Something like:  place your right foot on 4, then have your left foot on top of number 8, place your right hand on 10 etc etc.  When the game was over, this is how he end up on the floor.


It was fun fun fun! He kept asking me that we should play it again! (All turtle cards were downloaded from Confessions of a Homeschooler)


Lots of writing practice using our Kumon lowercase write and wipe


Advent project: The Creation


And sorting his toys by beginning letters.  He did this all by himself.


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