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Montessori Inspired Frog Activity Trays for Preschoolers

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

In my Instagram, I shared that we’ve been observing frogs (tadpoles) in the park for weeks now.  This has fascinated the boys, most especially Vito.  To extend this learning experience I prepared activity trays (again, a favourite!) tailored for him so we can explore this new discovery. Montessori Inspired Frog Activity Trays for Preschoolers

Montessori Inspired Animal Classification Activities

Saturday, July 29, 2017

There’s nothing more interesting for my three years old than learning about animals.  Aside from learning about the continents they live in, my boys also love to identify animals according to their names and classifications.  Initially, Vito can only tell the difference between birds and fish, the rest he calls them “animals”.  So I decided to expand this knowledge further by introducing the other three classifications: mammals, reptiles and amphibians.

Montessori Inspired Animal Classification Activities

Montessori Inspired Shark Study for Kids

Friday, June 16, 2017

My 8 year old Mavi is into sharks nowadays and asked if we can do a study about them. The last time we had a shark study was years ago, when he was 4 years old and this time he wanted to use our Shark Anatomy Model which he recently bought. This is Vito’s very first shark activity and he had so much fun learning with his big brother.

Montessori Inspired Shark Study for Kids

Montessori Inspired Insect Activities for Preschoolers

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Here’s a summary of our insect activities for the past week.  Most of these materials are old and reused and many of our activities were not planned, but rather based on Vito's interest because bugs and other tiny creatures appeared earlier than expected.  Hope this post will give you some ideas on learning activities about these creatures!


What are Insects?

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Here’s a simple way on how to tell whether an animal is an insect:  has 6 legs (with or without wings).  This is something new to Vito, the word “insect”.  He usually calls them with their real names like flies, bee, dragonfly etc. but is not familiar with their category.  Now, this is the first time I introduced this concept, so he struggled a little bit until we started counting the legs!


Montessori Inspired Study of Snails for Preschoolers

Sunday, May 14, 2017

We’ve been getting a lot of morning showers which resulted in a bunch of snails popping up everywhere.  Vito is loving it, now that he’s older, he’s enjoying the sight of these little fellows.  One time, we caught one sticking out my husband’s car.  Vito was excited!  I made Vito watch as I removed the snail from the car, placed it in our disposable plastic container and brought it inside for him to observe (and explore). 

Learning About Farm Families

Friday, May 12, 2017

I shared in my Instagram last week that Vito is obsessed with the concept of “mommy, baby, and daddy” thing.  He would always pair our animal figures into families and do play pretend.  This made me decided to introduce Vito to the farm animal families which I introduced to Mavi a long time ago (Farm Families - FREE Sorting Cards).  There’s a deeper explanation why we teach kids about animal families.  We teach kids to distinguish and describe objects to form them into bigger groups.   Commonly, we group inanimate objects according to their size, shape and color which is an easy task for the child.  But when it comes to real organisms with no definite shape, size and color, it is more difficult to recognize similar characteristics. 
. DSC_2512

Introducing the Life Cycle of a Chicken to Preschoolers

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

We are learning about birds this month, and the first activity we did was to look into the life of a chicken.  Chicken, especially a hen is a popular subject for bird study because it’s convenient and always available for nature-study.  Take for example in our case, Vito got really interested into chickens during our visit to the park weeks ago.  He just can’t stop talking about his experience with the chickens in the park, so I decided to borrow some books in the library about chickens so we can talk about this bird more.

Animals Around the World Activity

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Vito is 39 months old.

Animals Around the World Activity

There is nothing more precious in this world than seeing your kids work together peacefully LOL.  During the midterm break, I prepared some activities which both of them can participate in.  It’s not just about the academics, but my main purpose is for them to learn how to work together as a team and bond as brothers.  So aside from learning about flowers, the boys also explored the animals of the world using our Montessori Inspired Animal Continents Activity Sheets.  Mavi was so ecstatic to do this with Vito as he loves animals (he said he’s an expert) and geography.

Montessori Inspired Animal Continents Activity Sheets

Sunday, February 12, 2017

I am so happy to share our Animal Continents Activity Sheets.  Mavi helped me assemble this learning material for identifying the different animals that thrive in each continent.  We’ve used the Antarctica and Asia sheets already and I can’t wait to try the rest with Vito.

Montessori Inspired Animal Continents Activity Sheets

The Owl and Other Nocturnal Creatures

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

With all these Halloween decorations, Vito became fascinated with owls. We’ve been reading The Owl and Owl Babies for days now, and he loves looking at the pictures matching his animal figure. He would also pretend to to have big eyes and pretend flying around the house and say “Im owl Mommy”.    So I whipped a few activities to help him explore this beautiful creature together with some night-time animals.DSC_8961

Preschool Animal Habitats using Sensorial Materials

Saturday, October 1, 2016

We were reading a lot of animal books lately that I decided to introduce Vito to animal habitats.  I have no idea how to do it first, but then I realised that I have kinetic sand, some synthetic grass and unused ice in the fridge… enough materials to present three animal habitats of the world.  Take note that there was no serious “lesson” in here.  Everything was spontaneous, like a storytelling of animal homes.  The concept was introduced as Vito and I played along.  Much of the time was spent playing pretend, feeling and touching the grass, sand and ice!

Preschool Animal Habitats using Sensorial Materials

Introducing Toddlers to Animals in Land, Water and Air

Saturday, August 6, 2016

I had two presentations for the land, water, and air animals.  I first showed Vito what’s land, water, and air animals.  We worked with action songs to demonstrate how animals move in land, water, and air.  After I presented the pictures and the trays, Vito sorted out the animal figures I prepared for him.

Introducing Toddlers to Animals in Land, Water and Air

Introducing Wild Animals to Toddlers

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

VIto is 32 months old.

As we continue our wild animals exploration, the boys and I watched documentary shows in Netflix about animals in Africa.  Vito enjoyed watching the shows and kept on naming the animals that he can identify.  With this, we worked on vocabulary words by identifying other wild animals that he’s not familiar with like gorilla, panther and rhinoceros.  We used our Safari Toob Wild animals for this activity together with the matching cards we got from The Wise Owl.


Animals and their Covers

Monday, August 1, 2016

My boys love animal covers!  We used this whenever we want to play around with or beautiful animals from Schleich or whenever Mavi wants to replicate them through drawing.


Farm Animals Sort & Play

Monday, May 16, 2016

When I was planning for a Farm Unit, I wanted it to be simple because  it’ll be the week of our arrival from our trip. This means, we are all tired (especially me!), and I need time to do all the unpacking.  So my aim is still to provide activities to Vito with less preparation. 

Now, I made these playdough last month and yes, they’re still good!  The main objective of this play is to sort out the animal figures from Safari Toob and Shleich according to their “habitat”.


Investigating Animal Tracks and {Learn & Play Link Up}

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

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Animal tracks

We are continuing on our study of animal identification and learning more about their characteristics.  After watching Deadly 60 series of Steve Backshall, we discovered that you can also identify animals by the tracks they make!   So we used our favourite Schleich animal figures to test this.  We randomly dipped the animals in the black paint and freely made tracks. Vito’s helping as well!



The tracks and trails an animal leaves can tell us the type of animals it is and whether it was walking or running, and you can also tell if it was by itself or with a group of other animals.


Footprints of animals are very tricky to identify unlike that of humans! But by thorough investigation, you can tell if the animal is hoofed or with paws or toes.  To learn about the footprints of these animals, one must have a proper observation for these unique characteristics.

Animal tracks to note:

  • Did the animals walk on 2 or 4 feet?
  • Does the animal left a large or small track?
  • Was it walking or running?
  • Was it just one animal or followed by another?



Using our printable and the actual tracks, Mavi grouped the animals according to the characteristics of their footprints:

  • Raccoon and bear have 4 toes front and 5 toes rear, they have claws.
  • Dog, fox and wolf have 4 toes front, 5 toes rear and produces an egg shaped track
  • Lion, lynx produces a round track with claws, 4 toes front and 5 toes rear
  • Deer, elk have heart shaped tracks and has 4 toes front and 5 toes rear


And the highlight of this lesson is for them to see how their footprints look like!


Materials Used: 

Thank you for taking time to read this post!  You might as well visit our Zoo Animal Tracks post for another activity that involves playdough. It’s a not as messy as black paint Open-mouthed smile


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Classifying Vertebrate Animals

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

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I love unplanned activities.  Mavi would always resort to this activity whenever he’s bored on Fridays (swimming lessons were moved on Saturdays).  I like that he can do this activity independently, while learning the important characters of animals that belong in each group.


I believe that it is important for the child to have a clear and defined idea of the classes of the animal kingdom and its division.  What’s important to me is to have him gain the knowledge with this activity rather than reading and memorizing the difference in books. 

Just by looking at the animal cards or the figures it is obvious that birds differ from fish or that the turtles differ from mammals because only mammals nourished their young by milk through the breast of the mother.

So this is what I usually do, we either work on picture cards as seen above, or work using our basket of animal figures and have Mavi sort them as he describes why that animal belongs to mammals, fish, birds, reptiles or amphibians.  This is a wonderful activity on rainy days or winter!  How fascinating that my son is glued every time he does this.


Easy to prepare yet fun to perform!

Animal figures used are from Schliech and Safari toob.  The cards are from Vertebrate Sorting Cards file.

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Letter Z: Zoo Animal Activities

Saturday, October 3, 2015

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Vito is 22 months old.

Vito is currently obsessing over his Schleich zoo animals.  I just started collecting these animal figures early this year as I can see that both of my boys can benefit from it.  I decided to put together zoo-themed activities for the little Vito, an opportunity to learn and explore the letter ‘z’.

Dear Zoo Story Basket

Vito loves this Dear Zoo book!  We read it over and over again each day, and he specifically loves opening and closing the flaps to discover the animal hidden in it.


Zoo Animal Tracks

My boys can’t get enough of playdough, and we used our Schleich animals to create beautiful tracks!  It was a total hit!


Animal Skin Covers

And who wouldn’t love skin patterns! It amazes me how Vito can match the animals with its cover!  I only prepared 6 of his favourite animals and he is working on them everyday.  As we progress, I’ll add up some more to make it challenging for him.DSC_0946

Letter Z Craft

Our letter of the week (craft) is usually hanged in the wall for a week’s view (for recognition) LOL.


Animals Clean Up

Original plan was to wash and brush these animals.  But it was cold and we couldn’t do it indoors so I ended up giving him the wipes instead.  He enjoyed this!


Zoo Animals Matching Cards

Something that he do everyday as well, matching the figures with the cards! This activity is for object recognition, discrimination and exactness. You can download your FREE copy from here.


The images in the cards are from Schleich.DSC_1002

Letter Z Object Basket

Our object basket is typically for letter recognition and phonics sounds.DSC_0069

And that’s all about our fun adventure of learning the letter z sound and zoo animals.  Stay tuned for our next letter sound of the week… something to do with autumn!  And yes, please don’t forget to pin this for later!

Z is for Zoo

Other letter sound we’ve done:

  • Letter a for apple
  • Letter b for ball
  • Letter c for car
  • Letter d for dinosaur
  • Letter e for egg
  • Letter s for star