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The Nativity and Story Cards

Saturday, December 9, 2017

I love retelling the story of the nativity to our kids.  It’s been a yearly tradition that we read so many books of different versions and would even at times watch nativity movies to understand the meaning of Christmas.  This year, with Vito old enough to understand, I added some story cards and activity sheets to go along with our book reading.

Christmas Nativity Printables, Story Cards, and Activity Sheets

Hands-on Activity on Comparing Numbers

Monday, December 4, 2017

We are moving on with our math by introducing new math concepts, one of which is the more or less activity and using the greater than or less than symbol.  To do this, I made use of the holiday season’s symbols so Vito can easily relate and used manipulatives like some Christmas erasers and Montessori beads.

Comparing Numbers Worksheets for Kindergartens and Preschoolers

Christmas Themed Tray Activities for Preschoolers

Friday, December 1, 2017

Happy first day of December!!!  I’ve been away for awhile, busy with life and other extra curricular things… because you know, “it’s that time of the year”.  Anyway, despite of  all the happenings, I was able to assemble these simple Christmas-themed activities for my 4 years old.  My aim here is to simply introduce the meaning of Christmas, the symbols, learning Christmas songs and a little bit of  arts and crafts.  Hope you like these activities!

Christmas Themed Tray Activities for Preschoolers

Montessori Inspired Continent 3 Part Cards and Booklet

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Vito is 4 years and Mavi is 9 years old.

One thing that I love with making our own learning materials is that I get to customize them according to the kids’ liking.  One of these materials is the continent learning printables I made last year which we often use.  At first, Vito would match it according to colors, now that he’s older, he’s trying to know the names of the continents, especially the ones where he’s been to.

Montessori Inspired Continent 3 Part Cards and Booklet

Beginning Letter Sound Activity Sheets

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Vito’s favourite work in the morning are our pink series cards (we try to work on one vowel sound a week) and these beginning sound activity sheets. I made these cards years ago (just revamped them) and used them with Mavi, it’s one of his favourite language works.  Because Mavi can write letters at 3 years old, we didn’t get to use our moveable alphabet and instead he would just write the missing letters.

Beginning Letter Sound Activity Sheets (Montessori Pink Series)

Thanksgiving Themed Rhyme and Beginning Letter Sound BINGO Game

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

My 4 years old absolutely loves our Thanksgiving rhyme and beginning letter BINGO game!  He loves rhyming words, so I just have to come up with some activity to feed this interest.  Since we’ve been exploring beginning letter sounds, I also added this to our game.

Thanksgiving Themed Rhyme and Beginning Letter Sound BINGO Game

Learning Addition Using Montessori Stamp Game

Thursday, September 7, 2017

The Montessori Stamp Game is one of our favourite math materials at home.  This learning material can be used in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  And for us, this is how Mavi learned how to understand the concept of regrouping (dynamic addition).  He enjoyed this material more than any other methods of learning addition and subtraction.

Learning Addition Using Montessori Stamp Game

Weather and Clouds (FREE Cloud Cards)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

We have a brief afterschool activity on clouds and weather.   

We use the same Cloud Cards I have last year and discuss it once again.  It was quite cloudy so we just view the clouds from his room and try to identify the cloud based on his cards. We discuss each type of clouds, whether it tells us if its going to rain or to be sunny. 

For the free cards, click the picture below for the link.


So now to recreate the clouds, we used a blue cardstock paper and some paints. We previously had this activity but used cottons for the cloud formation, this time he wanted to paint.

           DSC_1215 DSC_1218


That's his handwriting on the label. 


And he wanted to add more details (black ink in the outline). 

           DSC_1227 DSC_1234

To recreate contrails, he made an airplane, named it BOEING 767, cut it and stick it on a paper.  He added the contrails using the white paint.

           DSC_1231  DSC_1237

For the weather, we watched some videos on Youtube based on the Weather Cards that we have.  We talked about the cause and effect of these weathers and if possible how to avoid calamities.

Then we tried recreating some of them.... first one is the earthquake.  The best that we do was to use his Lego.  He made a city and then he started shaking the plate pretending to have an earthquake.

           DSC_1249 DSC_1251


And lastly, he wanted drought.  He crumpled some brown art paper, strip them into smaller pieces and stick them individually on a piece of paper.  He made some animals dying due to water loss and made his sun reddish to indicate a very very hot day.

           DSC_1260 DSC_1262

We didn't get to recreate some of the weather conditions as we were also doing some school related stuff. 

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Water Cycle

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Last week we had our Water Cycle activities.  My son has been watching some Make Me Genius videos and he specifically requested for this topic. 

Here are our activities and the materials we used.

Below is a printed material I got from the internet.  Since I didn't have a book to showcase the water cycle to my little I randomly search for an image that can present in detail the water cycle. The image comes from here.


Below is a water cycle puzzle which I downloaded for free from this beautiful blog.  We worked on this last, when my son has absorbed the idea of the cycle.



For coloring and reading practice, I got these activities sheets from Kidzone. After we read the paragraphs and color the images, he ordered the stages of the cycle.



For a little craft and scissor practice I made him do a little project demonstrating the water cycle given the prepared materials (he prepared it with my assistance).  So with a mountain, land, sun, ocean and raindrops he arranged it in a way that it will explain how cycle works.  We used cottons for the clouds by the way.

               DSC_0031 DSC_0042

He asked to use water colors to make the clouds gray :)


And this is what he came up with.  I asked him to indicate the stages so I can put a label.


Next post is on our experiment on the water cycle and later on we'll also talk about the weather and the clouds.  Weather cards which I prepared for our weather unit is now available. Click on the picture below for the link.


For more FREEbies and downloads, visit The Pinay Homeschooler Shop and Downloads.

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Updates on Math and Language

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

And so we've been doing language and math seriously this summer.  So here's what we have accomplished so far:

Language.  Initially we were working with kindergarten workbook, but he finished it in no time and seems bored so I upgraded him to a first grader workbook (bought it in a local bookstore) and so far he is liking it.  He loves the challenge and the work book got lots of reading comprehension exercises which I really really like. 


And we are also working on digraphs using my Consonant Blends Worksheets. He has no problem identifying the consonant blends (beginning and ending) but when it comes to filling up the missing digraph, he's still a little bit confused in some areas.


Math.  We are still on Booklet 2 and Addition Chart 3 of Montessori Addition.  We will proceed with Charts 4 and 5 once we're done with Booklet 2.  You can read about Montessori Addition here and download my addition booklets from Pinay Homeschooler Shop and Downloads.


Lastly, I we're using Singapore Math workbook (K1).  Compared to the workbooks here, I love the scope of Singapore Math.  It covers graphing, logic and more.  I ordered this book from my friend lives in Singapore and they can usually be bought here: Popular Bookstore.  They're very affordable, the only problem here is shipping cost.

              DSC_0037 DSC_0040


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Artist & Art Study ~ Piet Mondrian

Monday, August 19, 2013

Today we learned how to make art, the Mondrian style.  He is a Dutch artist who loves to use lines, and his famous work involves the primary colors (a good way to teach primary and secondary colors!)  My son described his work as Church windows :)

First, we read stories and facts about Mondrian and pointed Netherlands in our Europe map and identified its flag.  (This is a good way to review our Geography/Continent Study)  We used this resource from Making Art Fun.

I cut out strips of black cardstock and had my son decorate his own "doors and windows".  First he I made him use primary colors using crayons.

               DSC_1082  DSC_1088

And the next one, I made him use paints in secondary colors.

               DSC_1092 DSC_1101

And this is what he came up with. 


I love how it turned it!  I'm keeping all our works from our Artist Study so I can frame them when I have the time :) 

By the way, here's a Mondrian Song I came across the web (Forgot the link, but if you know it or own please let me know for the credits).   We sang it together while admiring his work.

Mondrian Song (London Bridge Tune)

Mondrian use lots of lines, lots of lines, lots of lines

Mondrian use lots of lines, in his paintings.

Black and white, red, yellow and blue, black, white, red, yellow, blue

Mondrian is famous for, Abstract Paintings.

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Whales and Dolphins (with links to FREEbies)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Here's how what we did for the past few days, working on our whales and dolphins theme.

Arts and Crafts

I printed out a pattern of killer whale and humpback whale from for us to paint.  We could out the different parts and had my son assemble it and add some decors on it.


Parts of a Whale

For the parts of a whale, we used our nomenclature card and booklet.

            DSC_1014 DSC_1015

I also have a dolphin nomenclature and booklet set if you are interested.


          The Bottlenose Dolphin Preview  The Whale Preview

We love using these cards.  My son loves to compare the parts of the whale to his body parts.  And we love our Safari Toob figures too! They're so detailed that you can even see the blowholes on the figures :)

           DSC_1033 DSC_1038

The printable comes with an activity sheet for little ones to color and write a label.

           DSC_1042 DSC_1044

Books for reading

Most of these were from the library.  I included a Tagalog book about whales because my son loves learning the Philippine's national language :)

           DSC_1016 DSC_1017

Different kinds of whales and dolphins

One of the books has a detailed description of each animal so we used it to learn about the different kinds of whales and dolphins as well as our matching and fact cards. 

           DSC_1030 DSC_1031

DSC_0978 (Click this picture for the link)

How deep do they dive? 

I came across this wonderful site and downloaded their Teacher's Guide on Whales (for Kindergarten).  The document is a haven of information on whales and dolphins and it got lots of activities for you and your kids to try.  We did How Deep Do They Dive? pages 24-25 of the document.

             DSC_1046 DSC_1055

We were able to differentiate which mammal dives deeper using the graph.

            DSC_1060 DSC_1064

Whales and dolphins skip counting cards

And finally, you can also work on the skip counting with this cards!  Just click on the picture below for the link.

skip counting whales

And that's it for our whales and dolphins! Hope this would help you in case you will try this unit. 

For more FREEbies and printables, check The Pinay Homeschooler Shop and Downloads.

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