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How the Stem Works by Dyeing Flowers

Saturday, July 15, 2017

I am so happy to share that we finally get to dye our flowers successfully! Meaning, ALL of the colors were visible unlike before wherein only a few of the colors took effect (red and yellow).    I’ve been wondering on how we can successfully color our flowers, with 100% coverage and we finally did it this time!  By the way, we worked on this activity because I was demonstrating to Vito the function of the stem in a plant. 


Montessori Inspired Life Cycle of a Green Bean Plant

Thursday, June 29, 2017

This is a follow-up activity on our Montessori Inspired Parts of a Plant.

After learning about the parts of a plant, Vito and I talked about how plants grow.  We walked around the estate and identified baby plants, some of them were just actually sprouting off the ground and this amazed Vito.  We also read the book How A Seed Grows to go along with our activity, this is a really good book!  The book illustrates the different stages of a plant’s (bean plant) life, from the preparations to planting up to the the part where the grown plant needs to be moved into a ground soil.  We have a few of these Read and Find Out books and Mavi loves to use them as reference.  Anyway, aside from the book, I also used the very beautiful Life Cycle of a Green Bean Plant from Safari Toob and a homemade life cycle cards (DIY).

Montessori Inspired Life Cycle of a Green Bean Plant

Montessori Inspired Parts of a Plant

Monday, June 26, 2017

It always excites me to introduce new things to Vito.  Our recent activity is learning about plants, specifically in this post, the parts of a plant.  I love doing plant study with the boys.  I’ve been doing this with Mavi since he was 2 years old, and I love doing it all over again with Vito!  Printed materials used in the activities were all homemade, and some were used during Mavi’s preschool days.   This is Vito’s second year of plant study, and you can read related studies here:


Plants versus Animals Sorting Activity

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

I am so thankful for The Helpful Garden for providing us this printable (saved me a lot of time!).  Of all the plant and animal activities that we have done in the past, I have forgotten this one basic activity for Montessori botany and zoology: identifying plant and animals. 

Hands-On Learning on Common Flowers

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentines Day season is always the time wherein the boys and I would talk about flowers.  Not just because it is Valentines Day, but this is basically the time wherein we get to see spring flowers starting to bloom out from their buds.  We see them everywhere, in the backyard and front lawn, parks and of course in our neighbors’ houses.  My knowledge on flowers is very limited, I only knew of some tropical flowers from my country and Asian countries.  Of course, there’s always the rose, tulip and orchids… but no, I haven’t heard of daffodils, crocus and poppies not until I stepped foot in Europe.

Hands-On Learning on Common Flowers

Montessori Inspired February Activities for Preschoolers

Friday, January 20, 2017

Vito is 39 months old.

Thank goodness January is almost over!  I really don’t like January, it’s that time of the year where we get to experience the worst weather condition.  Fortunately, we have fair weather this year, it’s actually warm!  But, I am so looking forward to spring now, and I can’t wait for all these gloomy days to be over.  And speaking of spring, this month, I’ll start adding “spring” activities into our homeschool activities.  We will be using traditional Montessori materials for most part and in some, we’ll have themed activities.  Hope you like what I prepared for Vito for this month.

Montessori Inspired Activities for 39 Months Preschoolers

FREE Vegetable Hunt Activity Sheet

Friday, December 2, 2016

A simple hands-on activity for my 8 years old.  I made this scavenger hunt inspired sheet for Mavi to explore and discover vegetables in the market. I am not familiar to some of these as we have a different set of vegetables in Asia.  So this is a learning experience for both Mavi and I.  We are using this sheet to familiarize ourselves of the vegetables that grows here in the northern hemisphere and the names that they are called (we call it eggplant, but here they call it aubergine).

Montessori Inspired Vegetable Activities for Kids (Part 1)

Monday, November 28, 2016

We are all currently sick (since the weekend), we are battling cough and flu.  We spend our days resting, basically just sitting around doing random things like reading books, playing with toys or watch the kids’ favourite TV shows.  Because I was able to do some groceries last weekend, I decided to whip a vegetable activities for the boys yesterday using the ones I bought from the store.  My aim for these activities is to introduce healthy foods to the kids for fast recovery (from our sickness) and healthy diet.   The cards are from my shop and both of my kids love it!

Montessori Botany Learning Materials

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Last month, the boys were ill and they stayed in bed almost every day for a week.  I was practically free the entire day but busy at night (mostly for Vito).  During the time that they were sick, I decided to “upgrade” my Montessori botany cards and booklets for Vito to use in Spring 2017.  Some of these were hand drawn, and I’m proud of what I have achieved.  Come take a look!

Montessori Inspired Parts of a Flower Nomenclature Cards and Booklet

Fruits and Vegetable Montessori Cards

Monday, November 21, 2016

Vito is 36 months old.
These fruits and vegetable cards were taken out of the storage box and has been used ever since.  It’s been used for naming and identifying fruits and vegetables and also served as matching cards. 
Montessori Fruit Cards

Our Leaf Shapes Study

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

It’s Mavi’s midterm break this week and I decided to have activities that both of the boys can do together.  First in mind is a leaf study, since we are currently surrounded by beautiful and colourful leaves.  They are just too gorgeous when they change colors and I don’t want to miss that opportunity!  For this activity we also made use of our Montessori Inspired Leaf Shapes printable which you can buy from my shop.

Montessori Inspired Leaf Shapes printable

Life Cycle of a Pumpkin (Preschool Edition)

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

We are seeing a lot of pumpkins and though we may not be able to visit a pumpkin patch, we brought home a couple of pumpkins for exploration. I would like to share this very beautiful layered puzzle that I purchased in Amazon.  It’s the Life Cycle of a Pumpkin, beautifully crafted and illustrated.  There’s a guide for each layer on the left side so the child will know what comes next.


Easy to Prepare Apple Activities for Preschoolers

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Vito is 34 months old.
Apple is Vito’s favourite fruit.  He had an amazing time exploring his favourite fruit last week, as we explored how the apples came to me, its parts and an instant apple counting (because he loves to count too!).

Life Cycle of an Apple Preschool Unit

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Vito is 34 months old.

I am so excited to share this with you! Last week, I set up an apple life cycle to Vito (and Mavi on the background) for a little science exploration.  Apple is his favourite fruit and he was so delighted to see these materials in our shelf!  Now if you take a look at our activity and materials, they’re pretty simple and easy to follow by a young preschooler. I assembled it in such a way that it’s not too overwhelming for him, yet enjoying and engaging. 


How to Teach a Toddler About Trees

Monday, November 9, 2015

During the midterm break I’ve been taking the boys out because of the glorious weather.    And since whenever we’re out, Mavi would climb the trees (and Vito would do the same), I took the chance to formally introduce Vito to trees.  Since he’s able to say words straight and could grasp simple concept, it’s about time I show him the wonders of trees!


The BEST way to learn about trees is to have a personal encounter with it.  And since we’re surround by them, we explored trees’ by climbing, touching and feeling their barks, observing the leaves colors, compare sizes and more. 




For Vito though, trees are something that he can climb on.  Whenever he sees a tree, he would just insist to climb onto it, like the picture below.  He was just in that position for about 30 minutes, not complaining and enjoying every single moment of it.


xxxxx (1 of 1)-31

With these, I can conclude that Vito can somehow understand now that trees :

  • have leaves
  • have rough barks
  • comes in big and small sizes
  • are something we can play with

Now, for extensions,  I also prepared simple tree-themed activities for Vito at home for indoor play and learning.  Here are the trays I prepared for him:

xxxxx (1 of 1)-8

Counting Trees.  Vito loves this! I stamped four dots in the paper with a number symbol and we count as we place a tree on each dot.  I used a do-a-dot marker for this.


xxxxx (1 of 1)-9

Matching Trees (Abstract-Abstract).  Remember when we worked on leaves and he’s not interested in matching cards at all?  Well, that changed now as he was able to work on our matching tree cards without hesitation!  And yes he completed the four pairs with much concentration. I love it!  You can get these beautiful cards from here or click the image below.

xxxxx (1 of 1)-17

xxxxx (1 of 1)-10

Tree Puzzle.  He loves working on tree puzzle but somehow, our tree puzzle is still too complicated for his age.  He knows where to place the roots and trunk as of the moment, but finds it hard to fit them in the puzzle board.  So what I do is just ask him where the piece is supposed to go, he points and I do the fitting.


Tree Matching.  Similar matching activity as above, but in this case we are using a tree figure and matching it to cards.  We are doing lots of matching activities as this introduces early math concepts and object discrimination.  Tree figures are from Safari Toobs.

xxxxx (1 of 1)-19

Books.  These are the books that we focused on during the week of our tree themed activities: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and The Acorn’s Story, both of which are so enjoyable to read!


And how long do we have this for a theme? Mostly for 7-10 days!  Of course, these are just some of the thing he does, he also plays with his toy and read book, learn letters and numbers.  It’s just that I love introducing new concept/s each week and in a way its easier for me to focus on just one or two things.

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letter t trees

Letter L: Leaf Activities in Autumn

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

We are joining the bandwagon of autumn-themed activities and for Vito, we’re having leaf activities!

Leaf Color Matching

Got these beautiful craft leaves from a local store and used them for sorting colors.  I just dumped them in a container and would take one leaf at a time. I then mention the color and placed it to where it belongs.  Vito loves calling out their names!  I am not sure if he could recognize colors yet, it’s a hit or miss for him.  It’s a challenge to put up a color sorting activity for him so I put an extra effort on making it fun like making noises or funny sounds as I drop the leaf to the sorted group.

Letter L: Leaf Activities in Autumn

The Plant Kingdom

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Presenting to you Plant Kingdom printable material.  We used this recently in our Plant Kingdom nature study.  This is perfect for grade schoolers who wants to learn and understand all about the world of plants and how they are classified.Plant Kingdom

File includes:

  • The Plant Kingdom MASTER Chart
  • Chart with pictures only (no labels)
  • Chart with labels only
  • Chart with no pictures and labels
  • 16 cards with pictures with labels to form the chart
  • 16 cards with pictures and no labels (for 3 part card use)
  • 16 label cards (for 3 part card use)
  • Matching definition cards for each plant classification

See how we used it here :

Plant Kingdom

Nature Study: The Plant Kingdom

Thursday, April 16, 2015

It’s time for our 12 Months of Montessori Series and today I would like to share with you our study of the Plant Kingdom. Last year we worked on the Animal Kingdom and it was a huge success.  It helped Mavi understand how the animals are grouped according to their characteristics. My plan for the Plant Kingdom is to conduct a brief presentation at home using our Plant Kingdom chart and cards, then do the rest of the work outdoors for a more hands-on experience (that is if the weather permits).
Plant Kingdom FB
Mother Nature seems to be hearing our pleas for a good weather and she gave us a week of sun and heat!
The first thing here was to introduce the Plant Kingdom Chart.  Similar to the animal kingdom, plants are also classified according to their structure and characteristics.  During the presentation, there’s a lot of questions coming out from Mavi and it is a good thing I have fact cards for him to read out loud and be able to explain the grouping.
You see Mavi is not a passive learner.  He asks gazillions of questions, everytime you answer his question, expect a follow up question, then another and another.  That’s the reason why I always have fact cards because at times, books are not available and I don’t use the internet whenever we have lessons.  DSC_0886 But of course, if you have books by all means, use them.  You can always rely on books.  Here’s what we have at home, World of Plants.  We’ve been using this for 3 years now.  I totally love this book, because it is very informative and have lots of beautiful pictures for presentation.
DSC_0835Now with all the concepts learned, we went out to our forest/park and looked for these plants, to observe and investigate.  Note, the helmet is NOT A FASHION STATEMENT. He was wearing it because he was using his scooter.  Mavi is picking up samples so we could take a look at them at home.
 Liverworts and mosses are everywhere in this forest (and in Ireland!)!  This is a tree stump by the way, with sides covered with non-vascular plants!20150405_153920
Mavi checking out a conifer tree. He’s trying to check out the cones, looking for the male and female reproductive parts of this tree.   Mavi - "The leaves are indeed waxy!”20150405_155856 A sight to behold!  Perfect place to explore and learn. 
20150405_160547 “Mom, ferns!”
20150405_160614 And there you go, non-vascular plants again of any kind.
20150405_160830 We investigated the stream as well, just to confirm that mosses, liverworts and horsetails really grow in damp places.
The last part was checking out plants that are dicots and monocots.  Daffodils are monocots.  I guess we’ll be back to extend our nature study for dicot and monocot plants!20150405_152725We took samples and brought them home for examination.
And that’s it for an introductory of the plant kingdom.  We’ll do MORE nature study as the weather warms especially in summer vacation. I am planning to spend our summer nature study now that Vito can participate (for sensorial).
The Plant Kingdom file can be purchased from here.
Plant Kingdom

Pin this for later!Plant Kingdom This post is part of the 12 Months of Montessori Learning which is hosted by Natural Beach Living and The Natural Homeschool.

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Spring Flower Crafts and Link Up #1

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

We’ve been enjoying springtime and spending much of our time outdoors!  At this time of the year, do a lot of our nature study, arts and crafts.  If you’ve been following me, we’ve started earlier this month and still continuing our botany lessons indoors and outdoors.  Mavi is loving our lessons, he loves to explore the outdoors feeling like a scientist. While Vito, Vito is all play and sensorial. He loves to touch and taste anything… even dandelion seeds!

I’ve gathered some of the best spring flowers crafts for you to try with your kids. These are all lovely and educational.  You will find the links after the image.

Spring Flower Crafts

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For this week on The Pinay Homeschooler, I am featuring our parts of a flower and flower craft activities last year.


And! Don’t forget to join my Botany Puzzle Giveaway if you are in UK (FREE postage) or anywhere in Europe (winner pays postage)!


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