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Montessori Inspired Activities for Earth Science

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

I am so excited to share our activity trays for Earth Day! This is in line with our 12 Months More of Montessori Series wherein we are focusing on Earth Science.  In this post, I gathered a few topics related to Earth Science, assembled it into tray activities that’s suitable for preschoolers from ages 3 years and older.  Hope you enjoy our activities for the coming weeks!


Montessori Inspired Trays for St. Patrick’s Day (FREE Printables)

Monday, February 20, 2017

Are you observing St. Patrick’s Day? We do! It’s usually one of the most colorful time in Ireland, where everyone is just so happy and festive.  Anyway, with all the green and rainbow decors around, I’m preparing Montessori working trays for Vito as we approach the celebration of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland.  Mavi will be doing a lot of work for St. Patrick’s in his school so I spared him from this.  My aim here is to introduce Vito to the symbols of the celebration and he’ll be exploring these in our activities.


8 Christmas Tray Activities for Kids

Thursday, December 1, 2016

We are currently sick (Vito and I), but the good news is Vito is on his way to recovery (antibiotics) while I’m still suffering from cough and flu.  Though I don’t have any fever but I don’t feel like doing anything at all, just wanted to lie down, sleep or just relaxing my mind from anything. For me to be able to rest and recover, I decided to come up with Christmas tray activities for Vito to work independently with minimal supervision. 


Before FIAR: Goodnight Moon Unit

Sunday, October 23, 2016

My boys love Goodnight Moon and we have read it numerous times already. You can see our previous activity of the book from here.  Now that Vito is a lot more older, I assembled these activity trays for him to work on as a book extension.   I don’t have a guide for Before FIAR, so all of these activities are either sourced from the internet or invented by yours truly. 

Note:   All of the printables here are homemade and you can find them in my shop.   


Halloween Preschool Unit

Saturday, October 8, 2016

I’d like to share Vito’s top picks of activities for October.  These are the trays that he would select more often for “play”.    Links to the materials are provided, and feel free to ask questions as well.


Activity Trays for 33 Month Old Toddlers

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Hello everyone! We only have two more weeks before school opens so I decided to postpone Vito’s Fruits and Art Unit for the rest of the month so I can spend quality time with the boys and not think about activity preparations.  With this I’m sharing Vito’s activity trays which he started working on early this month. Vito only spends about 20 minutes for our “themed units” and the rest, he would either do free play or work on these trays.  These would entertain him while I do house chores, sometimes I supervise especially if we use glass bottles. 

33 months

Homeschool Activities for Toddlers 32 Month Old

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I’d like to share a summary of Vito’s work tray activities at 32 months.  These are the trays that are either part of our themed activities or just some random ones that I prepared for him in line with his current interest.  I hope that this will give you an idea on what to give your child in case he’s of the same age. Keeping records of Vito’s work trays is also a means for me to track his development and progress per month. 
32 Months

Learning Activities for 28 Months Toddler

Saturday, March 12, 2016

These are the activities designed for Vito for this month as we are celebrating springtime integrating St. Patrick’s Day and Easter.  Materials used are provided below for your reference.


St. Patrick’s Day Activities for 28 Months Toddler

Monday, February 29, 2016

*** contains affiliate links ***

Vito is 28 months old.

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and we are excited to watch the parade in the city this year!  To introduce Ireland’s big celebration to Vito, I prepared a bunch of work trays for him this month as he turns 28 months old.  I featured 9 activities here but in reality we’re doing so much more, so I’ll just update the blog of other activities that are not included here.


Practical Life Activities for Toddlers (24 Months) and {Learn & Play Link Up}

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

24 Months PLA
Vito turned 2 years old last month.  Aside from the letter t sound and tree themed activities, here are the practical life activities Vito worked on:
    1. Do-a-dot marking.  I prefer drawing the circles instead of printing those which are available in the web to save ink.  Vito loves this activity.  He enjoys stamping the circles with the markers. This is also a good shape activity because it allows the child to identify the shape in the paper before stamping it. Which reminds me that that next time we’ll do this, I’ll use squares or triangles instead of circles. 
    2. Pouring rice.  I’m using two small jugs and  coloured rice.  We’ve done this before using water, this time I changed the medium. 
    3. Stringing.  This is just a portion of Melissa & Dough beads which I got earlier this year.  I attached a wooden skillet in the string so he can easily insert the beads. 
    4. 2 Piece Farm Puzzle.  At first I gave him 3 sets to work on, and then added as he progresses.  He also loves this activity and would work on it in the afternoon.  This is a good introduction to part-and whole concept.
    5. Stickers in a line.  This is a directed sticking activity wherein Vito has to place the stickers in the lines.  He’s good at it!
    6. Scissors and playdough.  I made Vito use this plastic scissors whenever he plays the playdough so he’ll get used to it. Playdoughs are soft and can easily be cut, unlike paper which needs a sharper scissor so I think that this is a perfect material to cut for little ones.
    7. Tweezers.  We have a lot of tongs and tweezers but I have to purchase this plastic tweezer because Vito was having a hard time using the ones that we have.  This new tweezer is just perfect! It is soft, and can be easily manipulated by Vito.  It has teeth on its end so it can easily grip the object.  Vito loves using this.  But note, the end is pointy so adult supervision is a must even if this is made of plastic.
    8. Water transfer using sponge. “squeeze squeeze squeeze”, that’s Vito’s new favourite word!  he just learned that few weeks ago as he was doing this tray.  Water activity is always a favourite and Vito works on this for about 30 to 45 minutes.  Once bored with squeezing, he would automatically switch to pouring water between bowls. 
    9. Glue with brush.  There’s just so many ways to glue and one of my favourite is the glue with brush.  I made Vito use this and he works like an expert!  Those are paper cut-outs with letters on it (handwritten) so that we can name the letters as we glue them!

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Fine Motor Skills  Christmas Tree from Living Montessori Now
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Nutcracker Unit 2 w/ FREE Printable from Every Star is Different
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Letter N: Going Nuts!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I love nuts! We’ve got plenty around the house, thus I decided to come up with activities for Vito since he’s been seeing them around the house and loves to play with my walnuts.

Letter N Object Basket.  Reinforce literacy, letter ‘n’ symbol and phonics,  vocabulary, and verbal skills.  In the basket we have: nine, upper and lowercase N/n, necktie, DIY sandpaper ‘n’, nuts.


Hammering Peanuts.  This is a practical life activity that develops hand and eye coordination, and develop those hand and arm muscles.  I first set it up in a tray, but the peanuts were slipping so I had to put cling film to hold them. Vito loves physical activities so he enjoyed this. The only drawback is that the hammer that we used were so tiny Open-mouthed smile 


Letter N Craft.  I always make sure to include crafts in our weekly activities.  My main goal here is for Vito to practice his manual dexterity like squeezing the glue, picking up small objects or pencils.  Now that he’s familiar with glue, I gave him a glue with small opening for him to squeeze it. 


Here he is applying peanut shells on the letter N. Improves pincer grasp through picking up small objects.  Note to parents: always supervise your children when dealing with small objects. 


Color Green. I’m introducing letter green this week.  I gathered a few objects from his toys and place them all in a basket. 


And we painted green in an A3 paper.  Working with one color a week works for him.



When they dried up, we place them on the wall for everyday viewing.


Nut Matching. For visual discrimination (difference in objects), widen vocabulary and concentration.


Counting Walnuts.  Builds early number and counting skills.


Forming Shapes using Nuts.  Teaches shapes, fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination. This is Vito’s idea!  I made a circle using the walnuts then he took the circle puzzle and place it in the middle, matching them together. Brilliant!  We practice some more by drawing shapes on a piece of paper and he would trace the line using the peanut shells to form the shape. He enjoyed it!


And that’s about it! And what I happened to the nuts? I’m still consuming them LOL. 

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Exploring Fruits for Toddlers

Monday, October 19, 2015

Vito is 23 months old. 

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After, the zoo, farm animals and parts of the body, I decided to do a fruit unit for this little boy as he loves to name fruits whenever we are in the supermarket.  I like to come up with themed activities as it helps the child to expand their knowledge of certain objects and occasions, practice communication skills and improve their vocabulary.



Beginning Sounds. We’re using Hape Lowercase Puzzle.


Apple Prints. Color recognition and sensorial activity.


Bagging Fruits. A practical life activity that develops hand/eye coordination, concentration plus helping Mommy tidy up!  We’re using Learning Resources Fruit Counters.


Matching Real Objects with Pictures. Developing early discrimination skills (difference between objects), hand/eye coordination and concentration.  I made the fruit cards and you can get a copy from here or here.


Fruit Color Sorting using a Tong. Improving fine motor skills, pincer grasp, concentration and color recognition.


I love this tong from Ikea


As of the moment, our color sorting activity involves two colors, but I introduce one (new) color at a time.DSC_0767

He’s seriously concentrating.  Goodness!


Slicing a Banana. I was with him the whole time he’s doing this, reason why I don’t have an actual photo of the activity.  Another great practical life activity to introduce to kids.  This is an introductory activity of actual “slicing”, though we’ve done a lot of this using playdough.  He still has difficulty coordinating his hands.  We’ll get there though… need to practice more Smile


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Letter 'c' Sound Activities

Monday, May 25, 2015

This was a fun and quick set activities.  We basically finished all of these in a week.
Letter 'c' sound basket.  Our object basket was composed of a carrot, a toy red car and a cow animal figure.  The foam letter is from Munchkins Foam Bath.

Letter 'c' craft. I made Vito colour the letter c using our Do-a-Dot markers (which he really really loves by the way).  Afterwhich, I made him watch Mavi cut the letter and turn it into a letter c carrot.

C for colours.   This is again another colour matching activity I prepared for Vito.  The cups were from the local store and the cubes were from  Melissa & Doug Lacing Beads learning toy.  We do this activity everyday for Vito to know his colours.

C for cottons.  We tried this activity, painting using cotton balls but Vito was horrified of the cotton.  So we proceeded with finger painting instead.  We are using Giotto Bebe Fingerpaints at home.

Playing with pegs (pretend corns).  We played around with favourite FantaColor pegs and Vito is getting better fitting those smaller pegs into the hold

Steamed carrots.  Vito's snack for the entire week LOL.

C for cars.  We played with cars every morning and matched them to our homemade colour cards.  Read about it here.

Books this week:
You can also purchase these books from Book Depository, shipping is free!

Photos of Vito working.

More letter sound activities coming up in the next few weeks!

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